Minecraft’s 1.18 update heavily affects the world generation of new seeds, resulting in some of the most impressive maps the game has to offer. World height and depth have been pushed to their limits, while biomes are heavily populated with a variety of lush plantlife. With that said, here are three of the best world seeds available in update 1.18.

World Seed 4763210233870193371

This seed offers a diverse set of biomes immediately out of spawn. This includes both a birch and oak forest, a mesa, a bit of jungle, a dark forest, a meadow, and a cliffside. Along the cliffside is a small village with one house towering above the others atop the cliff. The meadow also has a crater near its center. If you use this seed, you’ll have access to just about anything that a player could need for survival in the way of shelter and resources.

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World Seed omgcraft

The seed omgcraft (all lowercase) features an interesting combination of biomes for players to explore. You will spawn between the beach and a forest. From here, there is an ice biome with ruins in one direction and an underwater amethyst geode in the opposite direction. Much like the previous seed, omgcraft not only provides interesting options for players at spawn but also important materials for prolonged survival. Fans of exploration will find much to do in this incredible seed.

World Seed torch

This seed (spelled all lowercase) offers a unique environment for Minecraft veterans who seek that fresh experience. Players will spawn at the edge of a rather large ice spike biome. At its peak sits an amethyst geode, which is next to a large ravine. Remember to be careful opening the amethyst, as it will likely have spawned a couple of monsters inside. If you think you have what it takes, we recommend giving the torch seed a shot.

These three seeds are perfect for adventure and longevity, but there are thousands of others still waiting to be discovered. Players should also consider exploring their own random seeds by typing in something unique. Try inputting names for the world seed like characters, friends, or even a phrase to discover new seeds and add them to your list of worlds.

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