Most objectives in The DioField Chronicle require you to defeat and route enemies. While your troops are more than capable of dealing with enemy forces on their own, you also have Magilumic Orbs at your disposal. With these requiring TP to use, you may be wondering what the best Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle are.

All Magilumic Orb Summons ranked in The DioField Chronicle

TierMagilumic Orb Summon
SBahamet, Fenrir, Goldhorne
BSalamander, Ouruboros

Best Magilumic Orb Summons in The DioField Chronicle

These are the best Magilumic Orbs and summons in The DioField Chronicle. We recommend using these above Coeurl, Salamander, and Ouroboros and spending any Jade Crystal you have to upgrade them. Here are our recommendations for the best Magilumic Orbs in The DioField Chronicle.


Despite being the starting Magilumic Orb, this summon is easily one of the best in the game. It features a low cost, hits a large area, and deals incredible damage. For simply eliminating enemies, Bahamut does the job and makes it look easy. For a cheap and powerful summon, we recommend further upgrading this Magilumic Orb.


Fenrir also features a low cost of only 1 TP, like Bahamut, but does do less damage. However, this Magilumic Orb more than makes up for that by applying the freeze debuff to any enemy in its targeted area. Applying freeze leaves enemies unable to act for a brief period of time, giving you ample opportunity to defeat them or reposition your units.


Goldhorne earns a place among the best Magilumic Orbs due to its incredible support abilities. It restores HP and EP to all units with the targeted area, allowing you to keep your units up and ready for action. It does, unfortunately, require 2 TP to use, meaning your use of it is limited, and you will need to time when to use it. But keeping your units alive is more than worth spending the TP on this summon.

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