Apple has yet to create a touchscreen laptop, but that doesn’t mean that the screen on your new M1 Pro/Max MacBook will be completely free from dirt and damage. As many of us spend countless hours in front of screens for both work and entertainment, eventually, it will sustain a scuff or scratch. So if you want to keep your MacBook in tip-top shape, then a screen protector is a great place to start.

ProCase Tempered Glass Screen Film

Image via ProCase

This screen protector from ProCase uses tempered glass to ensure maximum durability. The glass itself is rated as 9H on the Wolff-Wilborn pencil hardness scale, which means it can resist damage when in contact with anything as hard as a 9H graphite pencil. At 0.2mm thick, it will reduce the amount of keyboard rub you get when the laptop is closed compared to thicker tempered glass screen protectors. ProCase includes two in the package, so you’ll have a backup if one becomes damaged or too scratched to continue using.

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Supershieldz Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Image via Supershieldz

Like this one from Supershieldz, plastic film-style screen protectors are a bit more difficult to install than their tempered glass counterparts, but they do offer some decent benefits of their own. For starters, they’re more likely to resist small impacts without shattering, and they’re generally much thinner than glass. This protector also has a matte finish, significantly reducing glare (especially in fluorescent lighting). Supershieldz is also a well-known and well-supported brand with plenty of installation videos. You can rest assured that they will quickly address any installation problems or warranty concerns.

F FORITO Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector

Image via F FORITO

Blue light has been studied heavily in recent years, and many people maintain health concerns about its effect on our health. Some companies have started implementing options for blue light reduction, but if you’re more the set-it-and-forget-it type, this screen protector from F FORITO is for you. It’s a film-style screen protector that provides basic protection, but its blue light blocking filter is the real feature. If you’re using your laptop for prolonged hours, especially into the night or before bed, then it could be a simple solution to a sneaky problem.

F FORITO Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Image via F FORITO

This film-style screen protector from F FORITO provides a matte, anti-glare finish to protect your MacBook. It’s built with a 5H hardness, which is somewhat scratch-resistant but isn’t be as robust as a tempered glass screen protector. However, if you’re just after an anti-glare coating and some basic protection, this two-pack is a solid value for the money.

FILMEXT Privacy Filter

Image via FILMEXT

Billed as a simple privacy filter, this screen film from FILMEXT also functions as a viable screen protector to keep your MacBook looking nice. It uses a silicone edge to adhere to your screen without the need for pesky full-screen adhesives and squeegees to remove bubbles. It also provides an anti-glare matte finish and a 30-degree privacy angle, which means you can work effectively and privately even in the busiest of places.

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STARY Privacy Screen

Image via STARY

This screen protector from STARY has quite a few features for such a simple accessory. It’s washable and reusable, provides blue light-filtering, and comes with a sliding camera cover included in the box. It also has a matte, anti-glare finish on the front and the advertised privacy filter. With the screen protector properly installed, it will black out the screen when viewed from the left or right, which is extremely helpful for those working on sensitive material in shared or public spaces. This really does it all if you’re after a solid screen protector.

Laptop screen protectors aren’t just about keeping your screen in good condition. Certainly, some of us work and use our laptops in areas prone to damage and accidents, but many are just after the other added benefits. Adding blue light filtering, privacy, and anti-glare properties to a screen can be indispensable.

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