Lucario is a melee All-Rounder featuring a balanced speed, endurance, and attack power which allows it to fill multiple roles in Pokemon Unite. This Pokemon excels at using its moves to create devastating combos. Below is a list of items and abilities that will create the best build when playing Lucario.


Quick Attack

  • The user lunges forward and deals damage to any Pokemon it comes into contact with.

Power-Up Punch

  • Charges power before unleashing a powerful attack. While charging, the user’s speed is decreased but its Attack Power slowly increases and the damage it receives is reduced. The user then charges in the designated direction dealing more damage the lower the opposing Pokemon’s HP is and makes its next basic attack a boosted attack. This move’s cooldown is reduced each time one of the user’s moves hits.

Bone Rush

  • Performs a combo attack that deals multiple blows to opposing Pokemon, shoving them. The final attack sends the bone fling. If this move is used again while the bone is traveling, Lucario rushes to the bone’s location, dealing damage to nearby Pokemon.

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  • Muscle Band
    • Increases the damage of basic attacks.
  • Float Stone
    • Increases the Pokemon’s movement speed when not in combat.
  • Scope Lens
    • Increases damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokemon’s damage the higher the increase.
  • Eject Button
    • Quickly moves the Pokemon in the designated direction.

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