Gathering from crafting nodes is a key aspect of collecting in Lost Ark. You’ll need to gather resources for cooking recipes, which help you make meals and potions. While you’ll also find World Tree Leaves while gathering, which will earn you valuable and unique rewards. Wood can be particularly useful, as it is used to repair your boats from your stronghold and your own adventures. So, what are the best logging spots in Lost Ark?

Best logging farming locations in Lost Ark

The best logging spot in Lost Ark early in the game is Bilbrin Forest in West Luterra. It is one of the first areas you uncover after learning to craft, and it has wood nodes right across the entire zone. Once you’ve advanced to the next continent, you’ll also find many logging opportunities in Croconys Shore in East Luterra. The easiest area is the stretch in the western corner of the area where you port from Wavestrand Port, from Memorial Monument to Wild Market.

What islands can I go logging on?

Islands can be great locations for logging, as you can find a lot of nodes in a small area – and these three have no mobs to slow you down. If you’re unsure of any island locations, remember you can open your main map, right-click to the map of the whole world, then use the search function on the top-right of the map window.

  • Lullaby Island: Often busy but a great island for logging, plants, and ore.
  • Giant Mushroom Island: A fun island full of Giant Mushrooms that count as logs.
  • Panda Island: A cute, small island with plenty of trees to log.

Where can I log T3 logs in Lost Ark?

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If you’re looking for rare T3 resources, you’ll find a few same logging nodes around the Collapsed Southern Ruins Triport in Candaria Territory, South Vern, and around the Central Plaza Triport in Tideshelf Path, Punika. Both have the purple Mysterious T3 nodes, although they’re pretty rare.

You’ve hit the jackpot if you’re lucky enough to find an entry ticket while gathering resources. These give you entry to Platinum Fields, the best place to find nodes in Lost Ark. Choose the Nahun’s Domain option if you want to gather logs. You’ll only have 15 minutes, so if you can bring some friends or guildies along you’ll get much better results. This is because you can randomly open up secret areas and attain chests full of extra items, so the more people in your party, the more chance you have to find these juicy extras.

Lost Ark Logging Tips

  • Help each other: Unlike other nodes in Lost Ark, trees can be shared by multiple gatherers. So, if you see someone chopping a tree down, join in. The tree will be chopped down quicker, and all participants will receive the rewards. But if it really is too busy for you, you can try switching channels by using the dropdown in the top-right of your main game screen.
  • Energy and repairs: Remember to take some Basic Life Energy Potions with you if you want to do a long stint. Also, if you need to do repairs, remember you can port back to your stronghold with the Song of Hearth and Home as you have a repairer. Then, you’ll return to your favorite logging spot if you play Song of Escape.

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