Lodestone, an ore that can only be mined once you reach mining skill 105 in New World, can be found in the middle- and high-level areas in Aeternum. The three best spots to find plentiful veins of this ore are northwest Brightwood, northeast Great Cleave, and northeast Weaver’s Fen.

This image shows the northwestern section of Brightwood. You can find numerous veins around the lake marked with the red box. It’s recommended that you be at least level 25 when adventuring in Brightwood.

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There’s a nice loop of lodestone in northeastern Weaver’s Fen. You may find other players here since it is on the main road through the territory, but if you come at the right time, you should be able to run in a circle and mine lodestone to your heart’s content. Weaver’s Fen has a recommended level range of 31 to 40. 

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There are two great locations to mine lodestone in northeast Great Cleave. Though it is dangerous for low-level characters to venture here, you’ll find lots of lodestone ripe for the taking once you reach at least level 41.

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If you search these three locations in New World, you’ll be able to find enough lodestone for all your crafting needs.

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