Storm Point is the biggest map in Apex Legends. That makes playing on it a different experience from the other Battle Royale map, meaning different Legends will shine the most on its turf. Whether you’re about the gear, the fight, or the strategy, there are few standout choices when it comes to choosing a Legend on this map. Here are the five best Legends to use on the Storm Point Battle Royale map in Apex Legends.

Loba (Support)

Storm Point has a lot of buildings with fewer doors than you might think. That said, there are often plenty of windows. Loba has a quick way in and a quick way out with her Jumpdrive Tactical. It is also useful for taking alternative routes from a Gravity Cannon. Her Black Market Boutique Ultimate is also extremely helpful given the size of the map. Use it to get the best loot in an area, and then move on.

Octane (Offense)

Storm Point is a huge map, and no one is better at crossing wide distances than the speed demon himself, Octane. We would argue that he is the best choice of all for the new map, between is Stim Tactical getting him from place to place and his Jump Pad Ultimate helping not just him but his entire team gets into or out of some serious fights.

Ash (Offense)

Ash debuted with the Storm Point map, which means the map was made with her in mind, at least to some extent. Her deathbox Passive helps track down enemies on such a big map, and her ult can offer her and her teammates alternate routes out of a Gravity Cannon. Her Arc Snare Tactical is most useful in tighter spaces like buildings, doorways, and other small chokes.

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Valkyrie (Recon)

Storm Point is very wide, but it is also very tall. Many Points of Interest (POIs) have a surprising amount vertically to them. Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets Passive allows her to navigate these parts of the map with a lot more freedom than other Legends. Her Ultimate is also useful, as there are only a couple of Jump Towers on the map, so her ability to take her team to a new location is very powerful.

Bloodhound (Recon)

Seer may be the best tracker in smaller spaces, but there is no better tracker on a map like Storm Point than Bloodhound. Their Tactical scan can cover a good portion of a POI and help your team plan an attack, and their Passive will allow players to track down teams that aren’t there anymore. This, in combination with Ash’s Passive, is especially brutal.

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