Drop-Off is the latest Arenas map added in Apex Legends, and its structure is designed to encourage players to engage in aggressive end-to-end combat. The points of interest are sub-divided into sections, allowing few Legends to get an edge over others while playing on this map.

We played through this map with every Legend, and recommend players to choose any of the following Legends simply because their abilities are ideal for the structural design of Drop-Off. At the same time, if you are an expert with a certain Legend that’s not on the following list, feel free to share the unique strategies to help others get an idea of effective team compositions.

Best Offensive Legends to play on Drop-Off

When it comes to Offensive Legends, Octane, Bangalore, and Wraith are simply a class above the others on the Drop-Off map. While Octane’s speed allows teams to push in aggressively towards key areas, Bangalore’s smoke can become an essential tool to reduce visibility across the map. Similarly, Wraith’s portal ability is also a good way to take advantage of the moving Cargo Shipment containers. These three Legends fit brilliantly with any team composition on the Drop-Off Arenas map, and we definitely recommend players to try them out.

Best Defensive Legends to play on Drop-Off

Drop-Off is designed for Defensive Legends to set up shop at various areas, and stop an impending rush from opponents. Legends like Caustic, and Wattson are perfect for this map, as they can effectively control a few areas with their tactical abilities. Wattson’s fences are ideal to hold all four entrance doors at the Interior, while Caustic’s traps can be easily set around the Cargo shipment containers at the Deployment Line.

Best Recon Legends to play on Drop-Off

Recon Legends like Crypto, Bloodhound, and Seer are ideal for Drop-Off as their abilities can scan portions of the map to reveal opponents. Passive abilities for all three of these Legends provide enough information for the team to pick and choose their fights. Not only do they provide vision, but also fit in perfectly with any team composition. Pathfinder and Valkyrie are also good alternatives to pick, but Recon Legends with scanning tactical abilities are simply ideal for figuring out the opponent’s position.

Best Support Legends to play on Drop-Off

Lifeline is perhaps the only Support Legend that has maximum value for ability usage in any team composition. Her D.O.C drone can become a constant source of health regeneration, allowing players to hold crucial chokepoints. Similarly, Lifeline’s ability to revive knocked teammates quickly is unparalleled, and ideal for situations where players are outnumbered.

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