Both leader and adjutant play an important role in every setup. For example, a particular leader’s role can be to keep their adjutant safe so the latter can use deadly skills when an enemy is nearby. There’s a right combination for various strategies in The DioField Chronicle, and we’ll introduce you to a couple of them.

How to choose your leaders and adjutants in The DioField Chronicle

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To be able to choose your leaders and adjutants, you need to watch out for three things: the unit’s stats, abilities, and skills.

  • Leaders should be units whose abilities and stats you want to retain. Some of the best leader units include Andrias, Iscarion, and Castevere.
  • Their adjutant needs to be someone with skills (taken from their weapon) that can complement the leader’s stats and abilities. Some of the best adjutant units are Izelair and Shivat.

The adjutant’s stats don’t actually matter either—you don’t have to buy equipment for them other than the weapon with the skills you need.

To give you a better idea about how parties should be setup, below are some of the best leader and adjutant combinations in The DioField Chronicle.

Andrias and a Healer

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Andrias’ greatest strength is his Assassinate skill. As long as he’s positioned behind an enemy, he can deal deadly damage. Sometimes, it only takes one hit. The skill also automatically resets cooldown if it’s used as a finishing blow, so the best accessory you can give Andrias is a necklace, which increases Technique. Technique affects the strength of a unit’s skill.

However, as an assassin unit, Andrias’ HP and defense aren’t the best. A healer like Shivat can help him in a pinch. Be sure that you have another leader unit that can aggro the enemy to keep them off Andrias’ back.

Castevere and a Female Sharpshooter

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With naturally high Technique and Luck stats, female Sharpshooters like Rickenback and Umarida are lethal. With a bow that has the Stun Shot skill, Rickenback can cancel enemy skills in a pinch. Meanwhile, the damage-focused skillset of a crossbow/gun user like Umarida can be used to build the pair to be the main damage dealer.

However, Sharpshooters don’t have the best HP and defense. Castevere has the stats to protect them if his Casanova ability is unlocked. Casanova will add 20 to all of Castevere’s stats if he’s partnered with a woman.

Castevere and Izelair

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The Sword/Shield weapon has a mid-range aggro skill called Roundhouse Slash, which can be used to provoke multiple emeries. As a Cavalier, Castevere can lure them away with his horse. This opens a myriad of strategies, such as exposing their backs for Andrias or temporarily splitting the enemy forces so they’re easier to deal with.

Again, this setup is only effective if Castevere’s Casanova ability is unlocked.

Waltaquin and Rickenback

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With Aggressive Recovery (or EP Saver) and Skill Damage Boost unlocked, Waltaquin is a deadly Magicker that never runs out of EP. She should be equipped with a staff with offensive skills like Meteor Fall.

Plus, in case the party is in a pitch, she can cast the Magicker’s unique ability, Convalescent Circle. There’s usually no need for a dedicated Healer like Shivat as the main unit so long as a Magicker is around.

The only thing that an all-offense Waltaquin can’t do is cancel enemy skills. This is easily resolved by an archer with a weapon equipped with Stun Shot. Since an archer’s range is similar to a Magicker’s, she doesn’t need to get too close to the enemy to use it. Rickenback is the best option for her adjutant since Iscarion is better off as a leader. This leads us to our next point.

Iscarion and Shivat

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With Luck Boost, Critical Rate Boost, and Auto-Attack Boost unlocked, Iscarion is a deadly Sharpshooter that can be left to his own devices. Sharpshooter’s unique skill, Fantail Formation, is also best used by him.

Give Shivat a Wand with Ice Missile. This is a skill that conjures an ice block that fires missiles every time the team attacks. With Shivat as Iscarion’s adjutant, the team can deal more damage—and with a chance of freezing the enemy, too!

How to switch positions with Adjutant during battle

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The game will allow you to switch the leader and adjutant mid-battle from chapter two onwards. On the skills screen, move your arrow to the left side. Click on the orb that says Switch Units. The number on this orb corresponds with the number of times you can make the swap.

Aside from changing the leader and adjutant’s position in a pinch, you can also use Switch Units to swap either of them out for a Blue Fox member in your reserves. This is great practice for versatile units like Castevere, which have a number of potential adjutants they can work with.

Best Team Composition and party setup in The DioField Chronicle

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If you’re still unsure about which units work well together in a team, below are a couple of party setups for you to consider:

  • Andrias, Castevere (with Izelair), Iscarion, and Waltaquin
  • Andrias, Izelair, Iscarion (with Shivat), and Estalt
  • Andrias, Iscarion, Donavar (with Rickenback), and Waltaquin

As long as you have Andrias, one tank (like Izelair and Donavar), and a Magicker as your leaders, you’ll survive most battles with ease.

Of course, every map demands a different set of leaders and adjutants. For example, if there are many fliers, include two Sharpshooter leaders in your party. If you’re up against cavalier and foot soldiers in high volume, having two tank leaders in the team might be more beneficial.

Keep experimenting; see which team compositions are better suited for both the map and your personal playstyle.

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