Latte Cookie is a mage who spearheaded research on Coffee Magic, specializing in performing complex Latte Glyphs that could turn into powerful spells. She’s a chill professor in the Parfaedia Magic Institute and an Epic Magic Cookie when deployed in battle.

Latte Cookie Skill and Gameplay

Care for a Latte?: Conjures a Latte Glyph attracting enemies to its center, dealing DMG and silencing them. The Glyph remains on the ground, dealing DMG over time and greater DMG to enemies in its center.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • DMG dealt: 60.0 percent (+1.1 percent DMG per level)
  • Inner Latte Glyph Damage: 140 percent (+1.8 percent DMG per level)
  • Outer Latte Glyph Damage: 105 percent (+1.3 percent DMG per level)
  • Silence Duration: One second
  • Immobilize Duration: Five seconds

Latte Cookie’s Skill is a crowd-control star that summons a Glyph that sucks enemies into a coffee vortex. The closer the enemies are to the middle, the higher the DMG they receive. The Glyph lasts for five seconds, rendering all unfortunate enemies immobilized. Moreover, the Skill silences them for a second—cancelling their active Skills and preventing them from casting another.

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Best Latte Cookie Toppings Build

Latte Cookie’s kit is focused on maximizing her DMG output, turning her into a formidable DPS unit that can carry your team in both PvE and PvP situations. As you want her to deal as much DMG as possible, Latte Cookie’s best-in-slot Toppings would be a full Searing Raspberry build.

Alternatively, if you find that her Cooldown is too long, you can substitute some Searing Raspberries for Swift Chocolates. However, keep in mind that you need at equip least three Searing Raspberries to get the three-piece set bonus.

For Treasures, the Squishy Jelly Watch is always necessary for Cooldown reduction. Moreover, DPS Treasures like the Seamstress’s Pin Cushion and Grim-looking Scythe are also great picks to make Latte Cookie even stronger.

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