Kumiho Cookie is an Epic Charge Cookie who started off rough—but recent buffs have elevated her back up in the meta. The sly nine-tailed fox is equipped with transformative powers, going into battle as an adorable marshmallow fox and transforming into her Cookie form whenever her Skill is active.

Somersault: Transforms into a Cookie and causes area damage and charming nearby enemies, while charming them and reducing their DEF. Afterward, fires a powerful Fox Spirit Flame up to five enemies near Kumiho Cookie and turns back into marshmallow fox.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 14 seconds
  • Single hit DMG: 245.4 percent (+3.06-3.07 percent DMG per level)
  • Fox Spirit Flame DMG: 251.2 percent
  • Transformation duration: 12 seconds
  • Enemy charmed duration: 2 seconds
  • Debuff: -20.0 percent DEF for seconds

Kumiho Cookie starts off as a marshmallow fox who deals single-target close-combat DMG, but becomes a more versatile ranged unit that can hit up to five enemies when her Skill is turned on. Her DEF reduction is indispensable in the Arena, as it gives DPS team members the perfect opportunity to strike.

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Kumiho Cookie’s kit revolves around her Cookie form, which means that it’s important to be able to spam her Skill as much as possible. With a 16-second base cooldown, it will benefit you to go for a full Swift Chocolate build to keep that number as low as possible.

Alternatively, if you’re lacking in DMG resist, replace some Swift Chocolates with Solid Almonds. Likewise, aim for cooldown reduction and DMG resist bonus stats, and make sure to equip the Squishy Jelly Watch Treasure.

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