Kujou Sara is a four-star bow user who plays an important role in Inazuma as the Tenryou Commission’s adopted daughter and Raiden Shogun’s most loyal servant. Despite her initially cold disposition, she has enough of a heart to humor the Traveler in their adventures and certain crimson oni in a long-running bulletin board message relay.


In battle, Kujou Sara excels as a Support character with the potential to become a Burst DPS with the right build. She’s often thought of as an Electro Bennett, but with a more complicated kit.

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Sara’s Elemental Skill teleports her a few steps backward and deals Electro Damage. After casting this Skill, you must use a Charged Attack to hit a monster or the ground, which will summon a Crowfeather in the area you shot.

This Crowfeather grants the active character an Attack bonus based on Kujou Sara’s base Attack. But the active character must first run to the Crowfeather to receive the bonus. Essentially, your rotation will look like this:

  • Step 1: Activate Kujou Sara’s Elemental Skill
  • Step 2: Have Sara use a Charged Attack on the ground or enemy
  • Step 3: Switch to your Main DPS and run to the Crowfeather to obtain the Attack bonus

At C2, the Crowfeather will automatically form without requiring a Charged Attack, but you still need to run to it to get the buff. Meanwhile, Kujou Sara’s Elemental Burst deals AoE Electro Damage and provides a similar Attack buff as her Elemental Skill.


One big downside to Sara’s Attack buff is that it only lasts for a few seconds. However, it’s compatible with snapshotting, which means that characters with Elemental Skills or Bursts that last longer than the buff’s duration will benefit from the buff as long as their Skill or Burst is up. Examples include Xiangling, Beidou, and Kazuha’s Bursts, which all last longer than Sara’s six-second buff.


Kujou Sara’s Attack buff scales off her base Attack, which is only obtainable through leveling up and weapons. Artifacts’ flat Attack don’t count as base Attack, so it’s very important to choose a weapon with as high an Attack as possible.

As such, it’s a good idea to give Sara a five-star weapon. Her best-in-slot picks would be the Skyward Harp or Elegy for the End. If you intend to build a Burst Support Sara, opt for the latter as it has an Energy Recharge substat and a passive that triggers even more buffs for the rest of your team. Four-star alternatives include the Mouun’s Moon, Alley Hunter, and Sacrificial Bow.

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As a Support character, Kujou Sara’s best-in-slot Artifact Set would be the four-piece Noblesse Oblige.

  • Two-piece: Elemental Burst Damage +20 percent
  • Four-piece: Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ Attack by 20 percent for 12 seconds. This effect cannot stack.

For Artifact stats, consider giving her enough Energy Recharge until her Elemental Burst becomes spam-able. This not only empowers her Damage output but also keeps her Attack buff up nearly 100 percent of the time. Give her an Electro Damage Goblet and an Attack or Energy Recharge Sands—depending on what your weapon lacks.

Best Team For Kujou Sara

As an Attack buffer, Kujou Sara can be slotted into any team. However, she is best used with snapshot-able characters, including but not limited to Albedo (Skill), Ayaka (Burst), Kazuha (Burst), Klee (Skill), Venti (Burst), Beidou (Burst), and Xiangling (Burst).

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