There are many video games out there, but many are simply not kid-friendly. Sometimes it can even be hard to sort through the appropriate titles to find the best options to play. There were many new entries to the kid-gaming world in 2021, but only some are worthy of being noted as the best of the best. We’ve compiled the best kids games of 2021 across many different categories on Pro Game Guides.

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Best Mobile Game: Pokémon Unite

Image via Nintendo

Whether on a mobile device or Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Unite is a solid pick for kid-friendly, competitive gaming. Capture your own Pokémon and fight other players in this vibrant online world. A notable feature of this multiplayer game is that it is cross-platform, meaning kids are not restricted by the devices their friends and family own. The Google Play Store even named Pokémon Unite the Game App of the Year.

Best Sports Game: Mario Golf Super Rush

Image via Nintendo

Sports video games have been at the heart of Nintendo titles for quite a long time, and they’ve always been a hit with kids. Mario Golf: Super Rush is no exception, providing a classic golf experience with stunning modern visuals. Whether it’s just the kids playing or the whole family joining in, this beautiful golf game provides a simple and competitive experience that even small children can be guided through.

Best Multiplayer Game: WarioWare Get It Together!

Image via Nintendo

WarioWare: Get It Together! is as humorously bizarre as it is wildly fun. With a long list of characters, there’s a lot packed into this game. This title is ideal for kids, as it provides a large catalog of mini-games to choose from so that they don’t get bored. Whether it’s tweezing hair from a statue’s armpits, draining a giant bathtub, or taking Pirate Wario’s sword out of the sheath, there are many microgames for kids to jump around playing until they find the one they love the most.

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Best Action Game: Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Image via Insomniac Games

The Ratchet and Clank franchise has been a long-standing choice for kids regarding video games. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is no exception, as it blends the perfect amount of action and adventure. Young children may find this game a bit too complex or the violence a bit too scary, but it’s a perfect fit for older kids who want to defeat monsters and travel a sci-fi world with companions at their side.

Best Remastered Game: Sonic Colors Ultimate

Image via Sega

This is not a sequel to the original 2010 game but rather an artful remaster. Kids will love the fast speed, colorful world, and goofy attitude of the beloved SEGA mascot. The remaster improves the levels from the original through both design and performance, giving a more visually stunning and stable performance. Sonic Colors Ultimate is a great game for kids who want to test their speed and accuracy as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Best Platform Game: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo titles are a great place to start whenever you’re looking for a game that kids will love. With this entry, you get two great games in one that will be sure to bring fun for all ages. Whether it’s facing off against your enemy or trekking through a world of cats, there’s a lot to explore across platforming and puzzle-solving. Both of these included games promise many unique levels, local and online co-op, and irreverent characters for both younger and older kids to have fun with.

Best Relaxing Game: Unpacking

Image via WitchBeam

Unpacking gives gamers a calm and immersive world to kick back and enjoy. Players will engage with this puzzle game by removing items from boxes and fitting them correctly in the room. The pace is slow enough for even younger kids to keep up with, yet it gives the availability for older kids to connect with the game, too. This title is really what you make of it, as you can style as little or as much as you’d like. Unpacking combines the appeal of puzzles and decorating games, all in one.

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Best Indie Game: Kaze and the Wild Masks

Image via Soedesco

This retro title gives a fresh new take on the 1990s style platformer video game genre. In Kaze and the Wild Masks, you’ll journey through various levels that increase in intensity as you fight to save the world and your friend. For an indie title, it’s hard to tell the difference in quality from more established developers. The game is fairly simple to pick up yet adds a steadily growing layer of challenge that will keep kids coming back for more.

Best Narrative Game: Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure

Image via DreamWorks

The Dreamworks Spirit franchise is now available in a video game format for console players. Take in the beautiful world of Miradero while riding your horse through town and the countryside. Spirit is your loyal mustang who will guide you through this cozy, small Western town. Interact with your friends and learn to better care for your wild horse. Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure is a game with a storyline about friends, love for pets, and the simple life. This narrative-driven game is great for children who are into horses, rural living, and stories with themes of the power of friendship.

Best Unique Game: New Pokémon Snap

Image via Nintendo

The long-awaited sequel to Pokémon Snap debuted this year, with the simple name New Pokémon Snap. This game is a great option for kids because of its simple premise and controls. The majority of the game is lining up shots to get of critters with the beautiful island views in the background. The gameplay and mechanics may not be very complicated, but it is very fun and cute for Pokémon fans.

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