The K30 is an aggressive and fast-firing Submachine Gun in Battlefield 2042. It’s not perfect, but it can outshine almost every other close-range weapon in the game. The high damage output, mobility, and fire rate make the SMG near perfect.

Follow this guide on how to create the best K30 loadout with the finest attachments.

Best K30 Loadout Battlefield 2042

  • Sight – DD Holo
  • Ammunition – Standard Issue / Extended Mag
  • Underbarrel – BCG Light Grip
  • Barrel – 6KU Suppressor

The K30 SMG comes with a High Power magazine by default. However, more bullets are required for a weapon with such an extremely fast rate of fire. Hence, we equip the Standard Extended ammo for more bullets and for a further improved fire rate and control.

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You may also try the Standard Issue / Drum Mag for 10 more bullets. However, these ammo attachments hurt the range and reload speed of the weapon. BCG Grip helps boost the accuracy while moving. For the fourth attachment, we use the Suppressor for concealment from the opposing team’s radar.

Keep in mind that. being an SMG, the K30 performs best within its domain, i.e. close range. You can boost the weapon’s effective range and projectile velocity with certain attachments, but then it will not be as powerful as it is with the attachments shown here.

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