With all of the Gods now offered in Smite, it can be impossible to know which Gods are best, and where is the best place to use them. Junglers are Gods who excel at taking control of the Jungle that lies between the three lanes. Here are the Best Junglers in Smite.


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The Norse God of Thunder is a tried and true choice as a Jungler. His biggest advantage is his fantastic Ultimate ability, which will allow him to gank unsuspecting Gods in lanes that Thor is not even close to. Thor can get into a fight, pour out lots of damage, and be gone from that fight using his fantastic escape ability before you even knew he was there.


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The Polynesian Goddess of Volcanoes excels as a Jungler in the Mid Game. She has high single target damage and makes use of all of her abilities while in the Jungle. Where Pele stands out, is in her movement speed. If used effectively, Pele can be one of the fastest Gods in the game.

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The Greek Goddess of Vengeance dishes out some serious judgement with her very high burst damage. Nemesis wants to find a single unlucky God to be her victim, and once she has chosen that enemy and used her Ultimate ability on them, there is nothing more that they can do but watch their health bar deplete.


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The Japanese God of the Moon is the absolute embodiment of a Jungler. Tsukuyomi keeps his enemy at a distance until he needs to move in closer for the kill. Tsukuyomi will swiftly slay an enemy God in front of their own teammates, and escape before they react. His high damage output and versatile abilities, make him the solution to any problem one may encounter.

That is our list of the Best Junglers in Smite. One thing to always keep in mind is that most Gods in this game have the ability to perform well and compete with even the best Gods. If you see one of these Gods on the other team though, make sure to keep a watchful eye on that Jungle.

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