Back 4 Blood uses a card building system, where you can make a card deck around a specific Cleaner. Take Doc, for example. Doc is a healer, so you want her cards to focus on keeping the party alive.

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Jim, on the other hand, is your glass cannon DPS. He can dish out a ton of damage, but the other team members have to protect him, or they have lost their primary damage dealer against the Ridden.

Each deck can only hold 15 cards, so you want to mainly focus on weakspot damage as much as possible.

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Card NamePositive EffectsNegative Effects
Glass Cannon+25% Damage-30% Health
Hyper-Focused+50% Weakspot Damage-20% Damage
Cocky+75% Weapon Swap SpeedWhen you take Damage your Accuracy is reduced by 20% for 3 seconds.
Steady Aim+80% Aim Speed-50% ADS Move Speed
Admin ReloadWhen you stow your weapon, it reloads.-15% Ammo Capacity
Cross Trainers+20% Stamina, +20% Stamina Regen, +3% Move Speed, +5 HealthNone
Ammo StashYour secondary weapons have Unlimited Ammo.Your secondary weapons reload 20% Slower
Knowledge is Power+10% Weakspot Damage, Allows Player to see values for damage they deal and enemy health bars.None
Stock Pouch+30% Sniper Ammo Capacity, +10% Damage with Sniper Rifles.None
Widemouth Magwell+30% Reload Speed-5% Damage Resistance
Marked for DeathMutations you Ping are highlighted and your team deals 10% increased damage to highlighted enemies.None
Pep In Your StepPrecision Kills grant you 10% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.None
Reckless Strategy+30% Weakspot Damage,-5% Damage Resistance
Tunnel Vision+50% Aim Speed-5% Damage Resistance
Ridden Slayer20% Weakspot DamageNone

Feel free to tweak this deck into your own style. Change Sniper damage to, Shotgun or even Assault Rifle. The builds are endless and will only be improved over time.

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