The Ice Gauntlet is one of the most powerful weapons players can wield in New World, but even so, there are always ways to enhance a weapon or playstyle. Specifically, pairing the ice gauntlet with particular weapons that play well with it is a great way to start. Then it’s all down to what attributes and skill lines are invested in.

Ice Gauntlet & Rapier Build

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For a quick and focused DPS build, the rapier is a good friend to the ice gauntlet. Remember that with this build it is all dependent on whether the rapier or the ice gauntlet will be the main weapon. For a more rapier-focused build, dump more points into Dexterity. Alternatively, for a more ice gauntlet-based build, focus more on Intelligence.

Grace Skills:

  • Riposte
  • Evade – Invest in Breathe In, Allegro, Adagio, and Crescendo.
  • Fleche – Invest in Quick Lunge, Backside, and Interruption.
  • Momentum
  • Red Curtains
  • Swiftness

Blood Skills:

  • Refreshing Strikes
  • Engarde

Ice Tempest Skills:

  • Ice Storm – Invest in with Weakening Gust and Storm Summoner.
  • Cold Reach
  • Critical Frost
  • Heavy Freeze

Builder Skills:

  • Ice Shower – Invest in Enduring Showers, Quick Shower, and Frigid Showers.
  • Entombed – Invest further with Strengthened Tomb, and Cleansing Tomb.
  • Quick Frost
  • Refreshing Frost
  • Defiant Freeze

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Ice Gauntlet & Fire Staff Build

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As one of the top builds in the game, fire and ice work very well together. Both the fire staff and ice gauntlet are AOE and DPS based making anyone who wields them great at dealing some heavy blows. Focus on the Intelligence and Dexterity attributes to beef up this build.

Fire Mage Skills:

  • Fireball – Invest in this skill fully.
  • Fiery Restoration
  • Spell Focus
  • Clear Mind
  • Singe
  • Spellslinger
  • Prophet of a Fire God
  • Flare

Pyromancer Skills:

  • Incinerate – Invest up to Cauterize Wounds.
  • Burnout – Upgrade fully to increase its range.
  • Pyromania
  • Watch it Burn
  • Kindle

Ice Tempest Skills:

  • Cold Reach
  • Critical Rejuvination
  • Energized Critical
  • Ice Storm – Fully invest in this skill.
  • Gathering Storm
  • Critical Frost
  • Heavy Freeze
  • Ultimate Chill

Builder Skills:

  • Quick Frost
  • Ice Shower – Fully Invest in this skill.
  • Entombed – Fully Invest in this skill.

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