In Apex Legends Mobile, players will get to completely customize their HUD settings according to their preferences. To customize your HUD select Settings and move over to the Controls tab. You will find two different control interfaces. The first one presents a traditional mobile shooter HUD, while the second control interface is much more comfortable for seasoned Apex Legends players. 

Once that’s done, select one of the three control modes which offer free and fixed button options for movement and firing. We recommend players to go with fixed buttons, as they remain in the same place instead of floating. After customizing these two settings, players need to fix their HUD layout, and this is where things get tricky. Players can set up the HUD layout based on three-finger, or four-finger movement. 

This setting is going to be different for everyone, so it’s ideal to set them according to the device’s screen size. For iPads, it’s ideal to have big buttons spread across the screen to easily play the game with four fingers. Similarly, the buttons can be minimized efficiently for mobile devices. Follow the images above to see some of the HUD layouts we have set up for both iPad and mobile devices.

The two fire buttons should be ideally placed close to the index and thumb fingers, making it easy for players to shoot enemies while tracking them. You can minimize all the buttons that are not essential for combat, communication, or loot pickup. Similarly, you can keep the aim-down-sights button close to the primary fire to easily switch between hip fire mode and ADS. Move the Grenades and Shields buttons close to each other to use them more efficiently.

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