Hollyberry Cookie is an Ancient Defense Cookie with a passion for victory. She’s the legendary founder of the Hollyberry Kingdom and lives up to that name with her indispensable role at the front of the battlefield.

Oath on the Shield: Let out a war cry of fury! Hollyberry Cookie charges forward and becomes a shield to all of her Cookie allies, absorbing a portion of damage they take, excluding continuous DMG and indirect DMG. While Hollyberry Cookie is using her skill, she becomes more resistant to interrupting effects. Hollyberry Cookie’s “DMG Focus” buff does not apply to indirect DMG (such as reflected DMG or linked).

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Single-hit DMG: 185.5 percent (+2.53 percent DMG per level)
  • DMG Focus: 20 percent of DMG inflicted on allies for nine seconds

Hollyberry Cookie is a straightforward tank that can defend the frontlines and mitigate DMG inflicted on allies through a buff called “DMG Focus.” This significantly increases the survivability of squishy units, such as a glass cannon like Sea Fairy and DPS-focused Magic Cookies. Hollyberry excels in every game mode—she’s easy to use and does her job brilliantly.

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As a tank, Hollyberry Cookie is best equipped with a full Solid Almond Toppings build to get a massive boost in DMG resist. For bonus stats, focus on further increasing her DMG resist and Crit resist for more survivability.

While Hollyberry’s cooldown is high, take care not to over-reduce her cooldown. Frequent use of her Skill without a reliable healer might prompt her to take too much of the DMG inflicted on the team, which may cause her to prematurely die.

However, if you need a small dose of cooldown reduction, consider equipping her with three Solid Almonds and two Swift Chocolates, or simply make use of the Squishy Jelly Watch Treasure and some cooldown reduction bonus stats.

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