Once again, it is upon us the time of chips, dips, and gifts! Many gamers tend to get new games to play at Christmas, but they aren’t always topical for the season. So, we are here to tell you about games you can play that will make you want to don your Santa hat simultaneously!

These titles are in order of what is the most Christmas-themed to what is the least. Nevertheless, they will all have you wanting to bundle up and wear some Rudolph antlers as you play them.

Dead Rising 4

Image via Capcom

Dead Rising 4, released in 2016, sees the return of Frank West, journalist, and photographer from the first Dead Rising title. Return to Willamette and experience the wonderful festivities as you traverse through the newly built mall and get to explore the surrounding city!

The game has Christmas tunes on car radios whilst you drive and is covered in snow and Christmas trees and decorations. You can even kill zombies with holiday-related weapons! If you want your seasonal celebrations and zombie slaying to go hand in hand, then this is the game!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Image via Marvel

Just because you’re Spider-Man, it doesn’t mean you don’t get cold! Zip-around New York City in your puffer jacket and beat up the bad guys whilst taking in the sights and lights!

Much like with the previous entry on this list, there are noticeable Christmas decorations dotted around NYC and some lovely street lights. Add some snow on top of that (which it does), and you’ve got yourself a merry little web-slinging Christmas!

GTA Online: Festive Surprise

Image via Rockstar Games

Every year since 2014, Rockstar Games have hosted the Festive Surprise within GTA Online’s world of Los Santos. What is usually a sunny and warm climate turns into a snow-filled and festive place with the studio’s update once a year.

It usually runs for about two weeks and ends at the beginning of January. Have snowball fights and slide around in your car whilst continuing to wreak havoc and cause chaos during the holidays!

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DC Universe Online

Image via DC

DC Universe Online has been around since 2011 and is essentially World of Warcraft but with your favorite DC heroes! Create your own superhero, choose their powers and their name, and fly or speedily run through Metropolis or Gotham City, helping the citizens and saving the city!

Much like with the Festive Surprise, the DC team updates the game once a year to include Christmas trees, snowmen, and other decorations around the city. It also makes a sleigh bell sound when you set off! If you made an account years ago and haven’t checked on it, maybe do so this festive season.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Image via Warner Bros

Much like with DC Universe Online, you get to play as your favorite DC bat whilst getting your December fix. Arkham Origins begins on Christmas Eve and takes place in Midwinter Gotham City. It has all of the holiday fixings with snow and Christmas decorations.

With this one, you can play as one of DC’s most famous anti-heroes, and you will find yourself facing off against Joker once again. So, get ready for a showdown as the Bats whilst seeing what the holidays in Gotham look like.


Image via IO Interactive

This may only be one level, but it definitely has that Christmas factor! The Holiday Hoarders mission has Agent 47 dress up as Santa Claus whilst taking out his targets. Complete with Christmas trees and big open fireplaces, you will definitely get the warm and fuzzies with this one.

It is also available in HITMAN III as a permanent mission staple, so you can play it all year round. However, we’re sure we all agree that December is the best time to dabble in your Santa 47 cosplay!

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Shenmue I

Image via Sega

Although this isn’t inherently a Christmas game, there is more than enough of a festive feel about it. Ryo Hazuki wakes up on December 3, 1986, with the sole purpose of avenging his father, Iwao Hazuki, who has been murdered.

Walking through the cool Japanese prefectures of Yamanose, Sakuragaoka, and Dobuita, you will find snow-covered streets and festive decorations. It is a fairly old game now, but it received an HD update in 2018. It has a cult following and is a fan favorite for a good reason!

Yakuza Kiwami

Image via Sega

Once again, this isn’t a Christmas-themed game entirely. However, walking around Kamurocho, you will find that the game is set in December with the odd decoration in places. Walking into the Pawn Shop, you will find Jingle Bells playing, so it still scratches an itch!

All of the Yakuza games originally released in the 2000s have been re-mastered or at least had HD touch-ups. Yakuza was subjected to the full graphical overhaul, and as a result, feels really nice to play and is awesome for a Christmas-time romp!

Forza Horizon 4

Image via Playground Games

Forza Horizon 4 is set in the UK, encompassing the very north of England and quite a bit of Scotland. This means that there is snow in the Winter season of the game, and lots of it!

It may not include the likes of Christmas trees and such, but there is definitely a festive feel whilst zooming around the map and cutting through fields! If you want to play a game that is primarily about driving whilst sipping your hot cocoa, give this one a try.


Image via Ubisoft

Granted, this game is purely about the extreme sports side of things. On the other hand, if the only pre-requisite for a game getting you in the holiday spirit is snow, then this one has you covered all the way down the mountain!

This snowboarding game takes place in the French Alps, specifically Mont Blanc. Therefore, there is white powder galore and lots of thick snow jackets to unlock and try on as you progress through the game. It doesn’t get much snowier and whiter than this if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas!

Hopefully, these games should get the Eggnog and mulled wine flowing! Looking for more content? Check out how to get the two No Way Home costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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