Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a massive world of Aionios to explore. It’s filled with dangerous creatures, so everyone who can help you is welcome. That is especially true if they can hold a weapon or at least heal a lot. As it happens, some of the best heroes of the land will join you in adventure. But first, you must find them by visiting colonies and solving quests.

They will fight alongside you and even cook while you rest (Manana is a great chef)! But that doesn’t mean you can control them. You also can’t change their gear, so what you see is what you get. What you can do is acquire their classes for the main characters. Also, you can upgrade them up to rank 20, so they become even stronger.

Best Hero Characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Tier List

TierHero Characters
SAshera, Ethel, Riku & Manana
AAlexandria, Miyabi, Fiona, Juniper
BMonica, Gray, Teach, Triton
CCammuravi, Ghondor, Valdi
DSegiri, Isurd, Zeon

Best Attacker Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


  • How to find Alexandria in XC3—You must defeat attackers on the Iota colony.
  • Why is Alexandria great?—Alexandria is a very dangerous attacker, mainly because of the Incursor subclass that allows her to increase damage with every critical hit.

Best Healer Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


  • How to find Fiona in XC3—Complete the quest “Transparent Dreams.”
  • Why is Fiona great?—She has a combination of healing power with some great buffs that will make your life much easier, especially when you’re fighting some of the most dangerous monsters in XC3.

Best Defender Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3


  • How to find Ashera—Complete the quest “Wrath of Ashera.”
  • Why is Ashera great?—She’s reliable as a tank but also has the excellent offensive capability.

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