Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Herb Cookie is a Healing-type Epic Cookie that prioritizes the rear position. He’s a pure healer who specializes in healing over time, making him a great team member for longer boss battles in the Guild, Alliance, and World Exploration.

Since Herb Cookie’s Skill scales off ATK, he’s best equipped with a full Searing Raspberry set. His cooldown is extremely high, so aim for cooldown reduction bonus stats. If you find that this isn’t enough to use his Skill more consistently, swap out two Searing Raspberries with Swift Chocolates to reduce more cooldown while still benefiting from the former’s three-piece set bonus.

Herb Cookie is best paired with ATK-boosting Treasures, such as the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll. This will increase the amount that he heals, making him an even more reliable healer for the team. Additionally, Herb Cookie benefits from the effects of the Squishy Jelly Watch, which reduces Skill cooldown.

Sunny Garden: Turns the ground into a wonderful little garden, removing all debuffs and restoring some HP for the whole party. Standing near sprouts also restores some HP over time.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
  • Healing: 44.2 percent of ATK (+0.05 percent Healing per level)
  • Healing effect: 9 percent (+0.24-0.25 percent for each tick of Healing per level) every second over five seconds when standing near sprouts
  • Purify: Removes all debuff effects

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