Half-Life: Alyx is the most recent addition to the Half-Life series. As a VR game, Half-Life: Alyx provides an immersive look and a new perspective on the Half-Life series. The game also features several mods that can elevate Half-Life to new heights. Here’s a look at some of the best mods for Half: Alyx.

How to download and install Half-Life: Alyx mods

To download and install mods for Half-Life Alyx VR, you must go to the Steam workshop page. Once at the Steam workshop, you can download the mod by clicking the Subscribe button. Hitting the Subscribe button will start a download for the mod. After subscribing, let the mod download, and the mod will appear in-game next time you launch Half-Life Alyx.

Glorious Gloves

Image via Mod Author Epic

Glorious Gloves is a mod that changes the game’s Gravity gloves to a new and improved set. These new gloves include features such as Levitation and the ability to damage enemies with thrown objects. We recommend downloading this mod if you were a fan of Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun. 


Image via Krotter

Stunstick is a mod that adds a working Stunstick weapon based on previous games in the series. Players can use the Stunstick as a weapon to melee enemies with, so download the mod if you are looking for a lore-friendly new weapon. 


Image via Monarch

Red Dust is a fun arena mod that adds a series of six combat arenas for players to challenge themselves in. In Red Dust’s arenas, players will face waves of enemies, including Combine Soldiers and Headcrabs in large open environments. We recommend downloading Red Dust if you want a challenging arena map mod to explore. 

Recurve Bow

Image via MarioWalrus

The Recurve Bow mod adds a fully useable Bow weapon players can use in the Half-Life Alyx campaign. Download the Recurve Bow mod if you are a fan of Archery and want to try a bow in VR. if you install this mod, you can grab your new bow near the start of missions.

Sprint Button Mod

Image via Valve

The Sprint Button Mod adds a sprint function that allows players to move faster. Moving faster will allow you to position yourself in combat and quickly move around various maps and arenas. We recommend grabbing this mod to improve your experience and mobility in Half-Life Alyx.

Flashlight Toggle Button

Image via Valve

The Flashlight Toggle mod adds a toggle button for Flashlights in Half-Life Alyx, allowing users to turn Flashlights on and off quickly. Another great mod we recommend grabbing for that extra quality of life improvement. 

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