There are six fully evolved Grass Type Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex and 21additional fully evolved Grass Type Pokémon in the National Dex. Of the 27, a few with fantastic Base Stats make them stand out from the rest of the flock.


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Both forms of Shaymin have a 600 Base Stat Total, but the Sky Forme trades some of its Defense and Special Defense to increase its Speed, Attack, and Special Attack. This makes it a hard-hitting, but frail Pokémon with STAB moves like Air Slash hitting harder than its Land Forme could. It learns this move if leveled up in its Sky Forme at level 64. Seed Flare and Leaf Storm are its hardest-hitting Grass Type moves and are among the strongest in the series.


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With a 535 Base Stat Total, Tangrowth is a mixed offensive presence with poor Special Defense. It has high HP, Attack, Special Attack, and Defense, which make it able to tank Physical moves quite well. It has slightly more Special Attack, making moves like Solar Beam and Energy Ball better suited for it but is capable of learning Power Whip and Seed Bomb as well. It can be made very powerful in the sun as it makes good use of Growth‘s stat increases if it has both Special and Physical moves.

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High Speed and Special Attack make Sceptile a powerful Starter Pokémon, but its 530 Base Stat Total makes it one of the best Grass Type Pokémon in general. It can learn Swords Dance to try and take advantage of the many Physical moves it can learn, such as Leaf Blade and Earthquake. Its defensive stats aren’t very high, however, it can tank a Special move just fine and recover its HP with Drain Punch or Giga Drain.


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While Leafeon is not the strongest Eeveelution, it can thrive under the right circumstances. It has a 525 Base Stat Total with very high Defense and Attack. Its other stats are low in comparison, but if it increases its Speed, perhaps by its Hidden Ability Chlorophyll, it is devastating to face. It can learn Swords Dance to make the most of its already high Attack stat while using powerful Physical moves like Leaf BladeIron Tail, or X-Scissor. It doesn’t have the best moves to choose from, but it does its job as a strong Physical sweeper quite well.


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Trading its low Speed for high numbers in every other stat, Torterra is one of the best Grass Type Pokémon on any team. It has a 520 Base Stat Total with very high Attack and Defense. It is extremely weak to Ice moves but can take care of anything else thrown its way. Earthquake and Wood Hammer are its strongest STAB moves, with Stone Edge and Superpower being good coverage options. Curse is one of its best stat-increasing moves, but it can use Swords Dance and Rock Polish to great success.

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