Gliding is a unique mechanic that allows players to fly across maps with the help of a pair of “wings” (called Gliders) and the wind. In the tutorial, Monstadt’s resident Outrider, Amber, will teach you how to Glide and help you obtain a Gliding License. Simply start from a high point, press the jump button twice, and hold the directional key pertaining to where to want to go.

Apart from the Wings of First Flight, the default Glider that you get after completing the quest Glide with the Wind, the game has an array of skins to customize your mid-air adventures. Check out this list of the best Glider skins in Genshin Impact:

GliderHow to Obtain
Wings of Azure WindObtain by reaching Monstadt Reputation Level 8.
Wings of CompanionshipObtain from the mailbox within 30 days of starting the game.
Wings of Concealing SnowObtain by getting the Frostbearing Tree to Level 12 in Dragonspine.
Wings of Golden FlightObtain by reaching Liyue Reputation Level 8.
Wings of the StormstriderObtain by reaching Inazuma Reputation Level 8.

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Exclusive Gliders

Genshin Impact occasionally rewards players with exclusive Gliders that are only available under certain conditions. These include:

  • Wings of Descension—an exclusive gift to all PS4 and PS5 players.
  • Wings of Feasting—a Glider exclusive to the China server. It was released in collaboration with KFC, and players could redeem the item from a code obtained by ordering a bucket meal.
  • Wings of Shimmering Galaxy—one of the first anniversary presents given to all existing players.

How to Change Gliders

While Genshin Impact has limited cosmetic features, you can equip your characters with a range of Gliders through the Dressing Room. Head there by clicking on the Character menu and clicking the Hanger icon on the bottom right. On the upper left side, you’ll see the options Costumes and Wind Gliders. Choose the latter to change Gliders. Each character can equip a different one, so you can mix and match until you find the perfect fit.

All in-game Gliders don’t come with extra stats, which means that you can equip one based on your aesthetic preferences!

Practice Gliding to help you complete some of the game’s Time Trial challenges. Check out our guide on Genshin Impact: All Time Trial Locations to kickoff your Gliding adventures!

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