Glaivier is a type of martial artist class available to play within the world of Lost Ark. While this new class type is exciting for many players, it can also be intimidating to get the hang of. Luckily, the Glaivier class is all about balance.

What does the Glaivier class do best?

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Understanding what a class is best used for is a valuable skill to have in Lost Ark. If you can’t determine how to use a certain class, your performance is likely to suffer. The main thing to remember about the Glaivier class is that the dual-ended weapon wielder is, unsurprisingly, a dual-use class. Glaivier can be used for both wide-scale and focused attacks. The class is best used in a similar manner to the Gunslinger, where there is a big focus on switching weapons and creating balanced attacks.

Best engraving for Glaivier Builds

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While you don’t really need to worry about engravings too early on while playing as Glaivier, it’s still useful to have an idea of where you want to be headed with this class. As far are engravings go, Glaivier’s two choices of Pinnacle and Control are really about comfort with swapping.

For players who may not enjoy the balancing act of swapping weapons and styles often, Control will instead allow you to get rid of Focus Stance in favor of a much more boosted Flurry Stance to use on its own. We recommend the Pinnacle engraving overall since most players working with Glaivier will be used to switching stances and will appreciate the bonuses that come with it.

Best PvEvP Glaivier Build

You may often see the term PvEvP thrown around in discussions about Lost Ark, and for good reason. This is essentially a scenario where you will interact with other players, but also have unpredictable elements in your environment. If you plan on playing in this sort of environment often and want to stay open to any threat, then this build is the best for you. This build combines the skills centered around both agility and quick strikes, which makes for a great setup for when you need to react quickly.

SkillSkill LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Chain Slash10Fatal StrikeFinal DecisionBrilliant Spear
Cutting Wind10Quick PrepValorEnhanced Strike
Flash Kick7Excellent MobilityStun Effect
Half Moon Slash10Flurry ExpertiseFinal DecisionBlade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash10Frost SlashAdditional SlashAwaken
Starfall Pounce10Wide-Angel AttackFirepower ControlGround Explosion
Wheel of Blades10Magick ControlWeak Point DetectionConsecutive Spin
Windsplitter10Magick ControlFinal DecisionGiant Wheel
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Best PvE Glaivier Build

Enemies that are randomly generated and controlled by computers can be hard to figure out and even harder than real players to use strategy to your advantage. The best build for Glaivier in a PvE setting includes lower cooldowns, higher agility, and a lot of weapon boosts. You’ll need innovative weapon skills and speed to perform well in a PvE environment, mainly because computer-generated enemies need less time to think and can anticipate your moves much quicker than a human can.

SkillSkill LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Chain Slash4Swoop
Flash Kick4Excellent Mobility
Half Moon Slash10Flurry ExpertiseFinal DecisionBlade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash10Quick PrepPrecise SlashAwaken
Red Dragon’s Horn10Quick PrepSpear of DestructionWeak Point Detection
Shackling Blue Dragon10Quick PrepBlitzCritical Spear
Stampeding Slash10Flurry ExpertiseEnhanced StrikeRipping Blades
Starfall Pounce10Weak Point DetectionQuick PrepPowerful Finish

Best PvP Glaivier Build

When playing in PvP, players can be more aggressive than the environment, making them difficult to fend off at times. One advantage you have, though, is the ability to use strategy to your advantage. That’s why the best PvP build includes increased agility, boosts for cooldowns and counter windows, stuns for enemies, and equipment upgrades. These skills will all work to make you a martial artist who has a useful toolbelt for any sort of enemy.

SkillSkill LevelTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Chain Slash4Swoop
Cutting Wind7Quick PrepCompany of War
Dragonscale Defense7Steady BeliefMind Destruction
Flash Kick10Excellent MobilityStun Effect
Half Moon Slash10StretchFinal DecisionBlade of Tornado
Raging Dragon Slash10Quick PrepQuick SlashAwaken
Red Dragon’s Horn10Reaction SpeedSpear of DestructionAiming Distance

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