Buying gifts isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But if one can narrow down their recipient’s interests, it gets considerably easier. And if they happen to be a fan of Final Fantasy XIV, then it couldn’t be any easier as we have a handy list of the very best gifts.

Final Fantasy XIV Gamer Gifts


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The Final Fantasy series has always boasted a legendary score. Masters like Nobuo Uematsu and Masayoshi Soken have composed music that millions have grown up with. When it came to making another MMO, they rolled up their sleeves and blessed players with phenomenal orchestrations. Each album encapsulates the feelings of an expansion and will allow players to wax nostalgic even when not playing.

  • Death Unto Dawn
  • Endwalker
  • Shadowbringers
  • Stormblood
  • Before the Fall
  • Before Meteor
  • The Far Edge of Fate
  • Heavensward

Encyclopaedia Eorzea: The World of Final Fantasy XIV

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Both volumes of this series perform a deep dive into the lore, cultures, and history of Eorzea. For anyone remotely interested in the world in which they play, these two tomes answer questions both basic and advanced.

Final Fantasy XIV Art Books

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Perfect for flipping through on a rainy day, these comprehensive art collections are broken up by expansion for easy reference. Delving into concept art, messages from the artists, environments, and so much more, they are an absolute must-have for any Final Fantasy XIV fan.

  • A Realm Reborn – The Art of Eorzea – Another Dawn
  • Heavensward – The Art of Ishgard – Stone and Steel
  • Heavensward – The Art of Ishgard – The Scars of War
  • Stormblood – The Art of Revolution – Western Memories
  • Stormblood – The Art of Revolution – Eastern Memories
  • Shadowbringers – The Art of Reflection – Histories Forsaken
  • Shadowbrigners – The Art of Reflection – Histories Unwritten

The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook

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For real-world Culinarians or those looking to try something different, this official cookbook faithfully recreates in-game recipes. For those squeamish about gathering Malboro tentacles, worry not. Adequate substitutions have been made.

Time Card

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The number one thing that every Final Fantasy XIV player wants is more time! So, give them just that with prepaid time cards that will allow them to continue their adventures in Eorzea!

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