There are a ton of different team compositions you can go with if you want to take the Genshin Impact world by storm. While geo may not seem like the most appealing element to some, it can be a powerful team comp when used right. By assembling a geo team, you can decimate the Spiral Abyss.

Getting the best geo team in the game will depend on your luck with pulling five-star characters, as at least two of them are needed. The team comp you will want to go for is called Mono Geo. It’s a team that is a bit newer and is centered around using Arataki Itto as the team’s main DPS and powerhouse.

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How to build the Mono Geo Team:

  • Arataki Itto: Main DPS
  • Zhongli: Sub DPS
  • Albedo: Support
  • Gorou: Support

Albedo can be substituted with Noelle or Ningguang for this build. The most important thing is having full geo resonance. If you are looking for someone to heal your team, then you should consider using Noelle instead, especially if you are currently using the team for exploration.

Keep in mind this team does massive damage even if their builds aren’t perfect. There is no reason to force yourself to farm for perfect artifacts or pull for their five-star weapons before using Mono Geo.

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