Player-versus-player (PVP) in Destiny 2 is centered around killing opponents as quickly as possible. Thus, the meta of the game’s PVP converges towards guns that deal high damage with high accuracy. Many of the game’s fusion rifles are good at this, but some of them are a cut above the rest, especially in PVP.

Best Fusion Rifles for Destiny 2 PVP


The Jötunn looks like a rectangle with a trigger attached but be wary of this devastating rifle. More akin to a grenade launcher, the gun has a massive effective range and 780 charge time. It comes with the Shield Disorient trait which disorients enemies near a shield explosion, giving it great utility. Its legendary trait Charge Shot also causes projectiles to track enemies and the projectile leaves an AoE behind, making it hard to avoid the impending explosive doom the Jötunn promises its targets.

Main Ingredient

A fitting name for a fusion rifle that helped define the “one shot, one kill” meta, the Main Ingredient has been praised for its accuracy and stability over long ranges. Since it has a precision frame, its bullet spread is deadly accurate. Combine that with the perks Firmly Planted and Tap the Trigger and you have a weapon that’s deadly accurate at almost any range, allowing you to take down opponents as though you were wielding a sniper rifle.

Snorri FR5

Released in the Witch Queen expansion, the Snorri FR5 is another precision frame rifle built for precision and damage. Notably, it is also a void weapon, meaning it synergizes with the Void 3.0 subclasses. Like the Main Ingredient, the Snorri works well with the Firmly Planted perk. However, Successful Warm-Up is another great perk that speeds up charge rate and draw speed, synergizing well with the Snorri’s damage potential.

Likely Suspect

Though sporting a rapid-fire frame that gives it more ammo than other fusion rifles, the Likely Suspect still prefers to kill quickly and accurately like other mentions on this list. This is reflected by its 460 charge time, showing the weapon has a high capacity for damage as well as ammo. Accuracy perks are the name of this weapon’s game, and many players choose between Firmly Planted and Perpetual Motion for their perk choices.


When it comes to raw damage potential, Bastion is one of the most devastating weapons for PVP. This is due to its unique firing mode which rattles three seven-round bursts in incredibly quick succession. With a sub-par bullet spread and fairly limiting damage fall-off over long range, the Bastion is best at close to medium range, but with some accurate shooting it will still easily kill at long range due to its disgusting damage output.

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