The ability to integrate your own music choices into gameplay is a big part of what makes Roblox so fun and unique, so it’s important to have the best songs for every situation! The list below features a few Roblox songs and memes to help set the mood for a laugh-fest with you and your friends!

What Are Song ID Codes?

Song IDs are numerical codes that allow players the opportunity to listen to some of their favorite songs while playing around in various Roblox experiences. If you’re unsure how to enter Roblox Song ID codes on the platform, breeze through our guide for a quick refresher¬†here.

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Funny Songs and their Roblox IDs

  • Wii Menu Music – 143666548
  • My Heart Will Go On (Flute cover) – 1568352062
  • Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat (Remix) – 130776739
  • Windows Boot Up Song – 5371528720
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him – 2624663028
  • Fireflies by Owl City (Oof Version) – 2576727651
  • D-D-D-Drop the Bass –
  • I’m a Kitty Cat and I Dance – 224845627
  • Among Us Drip – 6486359635
  • Fitness Gram Pacer Test – 413089817
  • B**** Lasagna by PewDiePie (Oof version) – 2866646141
  • Sandstorm by Darude (Loud version) – 166562385
  • We are Number One from Lazy Town – 610086544
  • Katy Perry I’m Fine meme – 513919776
  • Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (Oof Version) – 3180460921
  • Crab Rave (Oof Version) – 2590490779
  • Fortnite song (Boosted) – 1937354752
  • John Cena Entrance Music from WWE – 5945591433
  • The Magic School Bus Theme – 156989725
  • FVN by LVL1 (Remix) – 6931586320

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