Like many other anime RPGs with One Piece inspiration, Anime Fighting Simulator uses Devil Fruits to offer its players unique abilities and encourage them to unleash their inner fighting potential. As of Nov. 22, 2021, there are a total of 14 usable fruits in this experience that can be equipped to help players level up and become stronger. In this quick guide, we’ll be listing our picks for the five best fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator, in no particular order, and why we chose them.

Best Devil Fruits


  • Upon eating a Magma fruit, your character will transform into a Magma Human, giving them the ability to become and control magma while fighting. Each of the three moves given by this fruit are exceptionally powerful and efficient in both PvP and boss fights. To many players’ surprise, given the fruit’s name, Magma fruit also has a relatively short cooldown, allowing for more opportunities to spam your attacks. Players can find this fruit lying around the Anime Fighting Simulator map.


  • The Phoenix fruit’s abilities exceed both in terms of fighting advantage and utility, as its move set offers powerful damage on top of an increased flying speed and mobility. Players who consume this fruit are transformed into a literal Phoenix and are given a 2.5x boost on their flight speed, plus access to two damage moves and one unique healing move. Unfortunately, however, players can only obtain this fruit through the experience’s paid Fighting Pass.


  • Light fruit may have a longer cooldown than most other fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator. However, the sheer power and range within all of its moves make up for it. This massive advantage sets Light fruit apart as a true stand out—with Light Kick, Light Teleport, and Divine Punishment, there’s barely any room for any fighter to stand in your way, literally and figuratively. Players can purchase light fruit from the tournament shop.

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  • Like Magma fruit, Ice fruit turns you into a Freezing Human and allows you to summon and control ice during battles. The cooldown speeds for Ice fruit vary, but a majority of them are quick, allowing for rather constant attacks with great damage. Unique to Ice fruit is the ability to stun enemies by freezing them, which few fruits can do. Players can only purchase this fruit from the tournament shop.


  • Comparable to the Phoenix fruit, the Mythical Koi fruit transforms whoever eats it into an immensely powerful dragon. With the moves Power Dash, Fireball Barrage, and Lightning Strike, plus the added ability to fly at an increased speed of 2.5x, players battling against you will need to watch out for your powerful strikes! Players can obtain this fruit from the Reward wheel.


To conclude this guide, we just want to remind readers and players that this list is just our opinion and that there is no one best fruit as the stats of these fruits are constantly changing with each update to the experience. The best fruit for us may not be the best fruit for you due to our differing play styles or comfortabilities, and that’s ok! We’d love to know you’re favorite fruits too, so be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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