Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows for all manner of unnatural combinations with its multiclass system. One that seems unlikely is the pairing of a Frost barbarian and a mushroom-aided ranger. Yet, it works surprisingly well. Here’s why.

What is the best Frostwilder Build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

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This build is pretty evenly split with skills in both the Brr-Zerker and Spore Warden trees. The core of the build focuses on unleashing an unending torrent of Frost damage and status effects. The Mushroom Companion is now able to revive, making solo play easier and overall gun damage increased.

  • Blizzard Action Skill
  • (Spore Warden) Kindred Heart: 5/5
  • (Spore Warden) Eagle Eye: 5/5
  • (Spore Warden) Bullseye: 5/5
  • (Spore Warden) Quiver of Holding: 3/3
  • (Spore Warden) Medicinal Mushroom: 1/1
  • (Spore Warden) Called Shot: 3/3
  • (Spore Warden) Headhunter: 1/1
  • (Brr-Zerker) Ancestral Frost: 5/5
  • (Brr-Zerker) Unyielding: 3/3
  • (Brr-Zerker) Ice Breaker: 3/3
  • (Brr-Zerker) Cold Snap: 3/3
  • (Brr-Zerker) Unarmored Defense: 1/1
  • (Brr-Zerker) Blood Frenzy: 3/3
  • (Brr-Zerker) Ancient Fury: 1/5
  • (Brr-Zerker) Relentless Rage: 1/1
  • (Brr-Zerker) Blast Chill: 1/1

Gear & Enchantments

Frostwilders will want to focus on gear that enhances their action skill and any Frost damage. Note that enchantments can be added to gear and rerolled at the Blacksmith or in the Chaos Chamber.

  • Enchantment: On spell cast, increase Frost damage by X% for Y seconds.
  • Enchantment: On action skill start, increase damage dealt by X% for Y seconds.
  • Enchantment: While action skill is active, increase Frost damage by X%.
  • Spell: Burgeoning Impaling Ice Spike: Summons an ice spike from the ground that slows and impales enemies.
  • Armor: Anything that increases Brr-Zerker/Spore Warden power and ability damage.


With the action skill having a modest cooldown and the Burgeoning Impaling Ice Spike having only three charges before cooldown, the rest of the build is reliant on having a weapon that can pump out Frost damage. We recommend using either an SMG or shotgun from the Hyperius family. They put out a high rate of fire, which keeps most enemies frozen solid.

While Frost damage is the core of the build, there are some enemies that are immune to the element. For them, we recommend using a Blackpowder pistol. Weapons by Blackpowder lack an element and do a large amount of damage with each hit. While Frostwilders won’t be able to kill as quickly without their Frost, it’s better than nothing in those rare instances.

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