Fortnite development company Epic Games has always tried to set itself apart from other game development companies, and has often succeeded. One of the most impressive ways that they have done this, however, is by giving back to the content creators that draw in attention and hype toward their game.

As you likely already know, they do this by giving these content creators Support-a-Creator Codes, which gives them a percentage of the profits of items you purchase in the Item Shop. In our list below, we’ve provided the codes of some of the best and most popular content creators within the Fortnite community.

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That’s what we have so far for the best Support-a-Creator codes! This is by no means a finalized list, and we’d love to add more to it. If you know of a SAC code that you feel should be added to the list then be sure to leave it in a comment below! If they make great content, we may add them to the list above!

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