After another year of competitive tournaments in Fortnite, we have all been met with surprises, victories, and let-downs from our favorite players. Some people we thought were guaranteed to be on the leaderboards were nowhere to be seen, and some people we didn’t even know of seemed to careen their way to the top.

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Some players have consistently been at the top of the leaderboards, have an established presence in the Fortnite community, and have a skill set that always keeps them in the spotlight at all times. These are what we consider being the best Fortnite players of the year.

Best Fortnite Players

After going through the stats, the reviews, and the ranks, we have put together the top ten players of 2021. These players have consistently been ranked by players and media alike to be the best players in the game and almost always show up at the top of any ranked Fortnite list. Here is the full list of what we consider the best players of the year, ranked in no particular order.


Average Tournament Rank: 16

EpikWhale serves his fans as not only a great player with a magnificent skill set but as an entertaining streamer and a dominating force in any competition in which he participates. As one of the most popular Fortnite players of all time, we’re not surprised to see him near the top of the list of almost every site that has ranked this year’s players. Statistically, EpikWhale’s partner Arkhram has a better average match ranking than him, but Epik ranks high in multiple arenas.


Average Tournament Rank: 13

Arkhram is EpikWhale’s most frequent teammate, and the two rarely participate in events without each other. Arkhram is the more private player on the team, but we can say that EpikWhale wouldn’t be in his position without Arkhram as the other half of the team. Arkhram is a remarkable player with a solid history of frequent victory in the competitive playlist.

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Average Tournament Rank: 20

Rehx completes the Trios group with Arkhram and EpikWhale, as all three of them got the majority of their first place positions when they were playing together. However, Rehx has branched out to play with other players in recent months, decreasing the team’s average ranking and himself. Still, he consistently reaches the top ranks on the competitive scoreboards and is quickly approaching a status that would make any Trios team desperate to have him.


Average Tournament Rank: 19

Bugha doesn’t place in a tournament, but he is consistently in the upper rankings. He is currently the top-earning Fortnite player worldwide, amassing a grand total of over three million dollars throughout his career. You can frequently find him competing in the Trios Cash Cups, and given his record and average ranking, and we’re not at all confused as to why he has made so much money that way.


Rounding off our list is TaySon, who we’d consider having the weakest social on this list regarding presence in the Fortnite community, but an overwhelming presence on the leaderboards. His Power Rankings across multiple sites consistently put him in first place, and his record may be the fastest-climbing record in Fortnite history.

That completes our list of the best Fortnite players for 2021! Did you see your favorite player?

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