In Valheim, players can make several types of food recipes for various purposes, such as refilling either health or stamina in the game.

Making really decent food items is also highly recommend as they will allow you to explore dangerous areas such as the swamp or plans and in general, survive tough fights.

But, before we start with the recipes, you are going to need to make sure you have a few things before you can make some of these recipes.

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First, you need to have a cauldron as most of the best foods you can make will require a cauldron before they can be made. But to make a cauldron will require you to unlock the forge as a prerequisite to unlock the cauldron.

You can make a cauldron with 10 tin ingots and you can make a forge with four stones, four coal, 10 wood, and six copper – you will also need to have a workshop built nearby.

Once you have both crafting structures made, here are the best recipes you can make for both health and stamina in Valheim.

Best food for Health or StaminaItemHow to makeHow Much Health of Stamina it Gives
Health & StaminaSerpent stewTo make Serpent stew in Valheim, you will need one mushroom, one cooked serpent meat, and two honey.80 HP and 80 Stamina
StaminaFish wrapsTo make Fish wraps in Valheim, you will need two cooked fish and four barley flour,90 Stamina
Health & StaminaLox meat pieTo make Lox meat pie in Valheim, you will need four barley flour, two cloudberries, and two cooked lox meat.80 HP and 80 Stamina
HealthBlood puddingTo make blood pudding in Valheim, you will need two thistles, two blood bags, and four barley flour.90 HP
StaminaBreadTo make bread in Valheim, you will need 10 barley flour.70 Stamina
HealthSausagesTo make sausages in Valheim, you will need two entrails, one raw meat, and four thistle.60 HP
Health & StaminaTurnip stewTo make turnip stew in Valheim, you will need one raw meat and three turnips.50 HP and 50 Stamina
Health & StaminaQueens jamTo make queens jam in Valheim you will need 8 raspberries and 8 blueberries.30 HP and 40 Stamina
StaminaCarrot soupTo make carrot soup in Valheim, you will need one mushroom and three carrots.60 Stamina

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