If you’ve been gaming since a young age then the floor is probably no stranger to you. Back before televisions the size of mattresses were affordable, sitting in the floor in front of the television was simply the best way to view the on-screen action! But just because you’ve gotten older doesn’t mean that gaming on the floor is suddenly a bad idea. For starters, it still provides an up close view of the action and it also works great in spaces where having a dedicated gaming seat just isn’t viable. Maybe you have a smaller television or your furniture arrangement just doesn’t provide a good, viable angle for gaming. Thankfully, as gaming as matured so have the available options for floor seating. Let’s take a look!

X Rocker Pro Series H4 Gaming Chair

First up we have a brand that you may be familiar with already. X Rocker has been making floor seating gaming chairs for many years now, and they’ve only become more sophisticated over time. Their current flagship offering maintains the curved rocking design that they’re known for, but adds several bells and whistles. Under the faux leather upholstery is a full audio suite of 2.1 speakers and a sub-woofer, complete with built-in vibration motors that can sync up with the bass in the audio. In the event that you’re after multiple X Rocker chairs they can even sync up with one another to provide a true group experience.

All of this audio wizardry is easily accessed via the side panel, which is situated under the right arm of the chair. Additionally the entire thing folds in half for quick, easy storage when you’re not gaming. The X Rocker sets a high baseline for floor gaming chairs, born out of many years of innovation. They have many, many other offerings including pedestals to turn some of their floor chairs into regular height chairs, so if the H4 Pro Series isn’t exactly what you’re after then chances are they have something else that might work for you.

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Amazon Basics Small Low-Back Floor Chair

Amazon Basics seems to always pop up when discussing affordable gaming accessories. They’re affordable, effective, and almost always available. Their low-back floor chair is a plush, swivel-adjustable floor chair that can be folded down when not in use. The cushioning is memory foam to provide maximum comfort while gaming, and the low back design is nice for taller individuals that might grapple with headrests that sit too low and hit in the middle of their back.

bonVIVO Floor Chair

The bonVIVO Floor chair is quite a bit slimmer, sleeker, and more compact than the other offerings we’ve looked at here. It might not provide the same level of comfort or support compared to other floor chairs, but it does have the benefit of folding flat enough to slide easily under other furniture. It provides a thick pad covered with a stain resistant polyurethane, making it ideal for younger gamers who might make a mess while playing. It’s probably not the most comfortable seat for long-term gaming but if you’re after something for shorter sessions that will quickly and easily stow away when you’re finished then it’s a solid contender.

Best Choice Reclining Folding Floor Chair

This floor chair from Best Choice is another swivel design, this time fitted with a full size backrest and a much more modern looking design than the chairs we’ve looked at so far. Were it not for the fact that it’s sitting on the floor, you’d be mistaken for thinking it was just a regular piece of furniture in, for example, someone’s living room. The backrest is adjustable so it’s easy to fine tune it to your comfort level, and it also folds in half for easier storage when not in use. The base cover that prevents the chair from scuffing the floor is also machine washable, so when it accrues too much pet hair from scooting around on the floor it’s easy to toss in the wash. If you’re intending to do some floor gaming but still need full backrest support and a modern aesthetic, this chair is an easy pick.

WAYTRIM Indoor Chaise Lounge Sofa

This sofa from WAYTRIM might not be labelled as a chair, but when it’s in its upright position it functions perfectly as one. The full adjustable backrest provides six different positions for dialing in your comfort level, and the adjustable frame is made out of steel. The arm rests are covered, and it comes with a lumbar pillow for those of you who need just that extra bit of lower back support. The entire thing also lays flat for when you need a break from gaming. It comes in four different colors and its attractive design means it won’t look out of place in any room. If you need a bit of lumbar support and might want to lounge all the way back onto the floor from time to time then this chair from WAYTRIM should do nicely.

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MORCOE Floor Lazy Sofa

This offering from MORCOE is effectively a desk chair with the legs removed, and provides quite a few attractive features for those of you accustomed to sitting in a desk chair for extended periods. The full back and protruding headrest should provide good, ergonomic comfort for long sessions, and the padded arm rests will prevent fatigue from sliding elbows while holding a controller. The entire thing is fitted on a full swivel base (with a floor cover), and it offers separate back and headrest positions. The only caveat here is the slightly smaller chair back height, at 28 inches. So while the taller among you need not apply, this should still be a great desk style floor chair for anyone fine with a slightly shorter chair back requirement.

When shopping for a floor gaming chair it’s important to remember that the ergonomics of sitting on the floor, even in a high-end floor gaming chair, are going to be less than ideal. So make sure you properly measure and check dimensions before purchasing, since many floor gaming chairs are slightly smaller than their full sized brethren by design.

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