While we wait for the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, players can check out the best of the previous games in the franchise. There are many beloved Freddy Fazbear’s throughout the 11 games within the Five Nights and Freddy’s franchise. Looking after each of the haunted animatronics may get tiring, but some of the games had the perfect balance of terrifying to tedious.

#5 Ultimate Custom Night

Image via Scott Cawthon

While this game was technically just a free game mode that arrived in 2018, it gave players a custom experience for their own perfect level of horror. Player’s were able to adjust everything about each night of their encounter to make it either impossibly difficult or strategically horrifying. While not adding too much of a new spin on the series or extra lore, it is incredibly replayable.

#4 Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Image via Scott Cawthon

Instead of finding out the horrifying news, as the player, that the janitorial work was not quite what was expected, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator puts players in charge of creating their own pizzeria. This makes them responsible for setting up the different rooms, upgrading the store, and purchasing animatronics. Player’s will experience a new perspective as they realize their business isn’t what they had believed or hoped.

#3 Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4

Screenshot via Scott Cawthon Youtube

This addition to the series put an ultimately creepy twist on the franchise, as Freddy and his friends were no longer stalking an overnight janitor at the pizzeria, but instead a child in their bedroom. With the animatronics running through the halls and peering in the bedroom window, it became a true childhood nightmare. Only due to its difficulty and minor storytelling does it sit in third place.

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#2 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Screenshot via Scott Cawthon Youtube

This iteration of Five Nights at Freddy’s was the most ambitious of the entire series. Players got to walk around and inspect a whole separate facility from the original games. It adds a ton of lore and story to the otherwise light storytelling of previous games, making the characters feel more alive. The only real drawback of the game was its difficulty as players have to continuously learn new mechanics as they explore and escape the facility.

#1 Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Screenshot via Steel Wool Studios

This VR remake of the first three games lands itself in first place for bringing back the classics into a terrifyingly more realistic experience. Player’s get to now physically set into the pizzeria and deal with the animatronics of the first three games up close and personal. Help Wanted also adds a few new game modes and options for players to explore that add to the three core games.

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