WWE 2K22 features a long list of devastating finishers used by superstars throughout the history of the WWE. In WWE 2K22, some finishers are extremely powerful, hard to reverse, and some require special conditions. The best finishers can be performed in many situations and will do a ton of damage to the opponent. Here are the best finishers in WWE 2K22, and how to perform them.

How to Perform a Finisher

To perform a finisher, you must fill the yellow Finisher meter at the bottom of your wrestler’s HUD. Once the meter is filled, Press RT + A (Xbox), or R2 + X (PlayStation) to perform a Finisher.

6 The Spear

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The Spear is a very fast and powerful finisher used by multiple superstars over the years, most notably by Edge and Roman Reigns. The Spear can be performed near a grounded opponent, on an Irish whip rebound, running, or even catching a diving attack. The Spear is one of the most versatile finishers in the game. To perform the Spear, stand near the corner when an opponent is down and press the finisher buttons. To perform a catching Spear, press the finisher buttons as the opponent is jumping off the turnbuckle.

5 Sweet Chin Music

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The Sweet Chin Music made famous by Shawn Michaels is one of the fastest finishers in the game and can be performed from multiple spots. Sweet Chin Music can be performed in the corner with an opponent on the ground, performed as a front attack, or can catch a diving attack.

4 Chokeslam

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Kane’s Chokeslam is one of the most powerful finishers, but takes a little time to perform. Kane’s Chokeslam is unique in that he can perform it as any of the special condition finishers. He can use the Chokeslam for a table finisher, off the Hell in the Cell cage, as a catching finisher, or even a double finisher. To perform the double finisher, whip 2 opponents into the turnbuckle quickly and press the finisher button.

3 Attitude Adjustment

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The Attitude Adjustment is one of the most iconic finishers used in the WWE. The Attitude Adjustment is an extreme feat of strength by John Cena, as he has used it on some of the biggest superstars and even two at a time. The Attitude Adjustment is very quick, hard to reverse, and can be used as a double finisher by whipping two opponents into the turnbuckle.

2 F-5

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Brock Lesnar’s F-5 is one of the most powerful finishers in the WWE and if it lands, most wrestlers do not kick out. In WWE 2K22, Lesnar’s F-5 is extremely versatile since it has a double finisher and a catching finisher as well. The F-5 does a ton of damage, especially when used by the powerhouse Lesnar himself.


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Possibly the most well-known move in the WWE now, the RKO performed by Randy Orton has been performed from the most difficult spots as a surprise match-ender throughout the years. In WWE 2K22, the RKO is extremely fast, can be used as a catching finisher, and even has a corner turnbuckle variation from the top rope. When facing Seth Rollins, if you reverse his Stomp finisher, it will trigger an RKO like the iconic moment at WrestleMania 31.

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