Scoring a goal in FIFA 23 may be one of the most satisfying experiences, but the celebration that comes after can be very fun to pull off as well. FIFA 23 features a good amount of new celebrations including some signature player celebrations and some popular dances. To pull off these celebrations, you must press the correct buttons after scoring a goal. Here are some of the best FIFA 23 celebrations and how to perform them.

Billionaire Strut

To perform the Billionaire Strut, Hold L1, then Hold Right Stick Down (PlayStation), Hold LB, then Hold Right Stick Down (Xbox).

The Billionaire Strut was made famous by the likes of MMA fighter Conor McGregor and WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Now, your team can walk the walk doing a celebration that is sure to get under your opponent’s skin after a while.

Slide Salute

To perform the Slide Salute, Hold R1, then Hold Right Stick Right (PlayStation), Hold RB, then Hold Right Stick Right (Xbox).

The Slide Salute has been made famous by Kylian Mbappe and now can be done by any player. This signature player celebration is great for a Career Mode player or to perform with your favorite player in any game.


To perform the Gamer celebration, Hold R1, then flick Right Stick right, then flick left (PlayStation), Hold RB, then flick Right Stick right, then flick left (Xbox).

The Gamer celebration causes the player to take a quick seat and pretend like they are using a game controller, which is hilarious to perform in a FIFA game. The celebration was done by Liverpool player Diogo Jota and is a fun celebration to watch in FIFA.

Eye of the Storm

To perform the Eye of the Storm celebration, Hold R1 and spin Right Stick counter-clockwise (PlayStation) Hold RB and spin Right Stick counter-clockwise (Xbox).

The Eye of the Storm is a new celebration in FIFA 23 that is pretty unique. It can be a great signature celebration for a Career Mode player since it is new and not seen often.

The Griddy

To perform the Griddy (called Eyes and Arms in FIFA 23), Hold R2 and flick Right Stick up twice (PlayStation), Hold RT and flick Right Stick up twice (Xbox).

The Griddy is a popular dance made famous by NFL player Justin Jefferson as a Touchdown celebration. THe Griddy can be done after scoring in FIFA 23 and all your teammates will follow you doing it as well.

There are tons of celebrations in FIFA 23 that players may consider their favorite or the best. Try experimenting with different celebrations to find the ones that you really enjoy. The classic celebrations like The Challenge, Frog Hops, or The Worm are all still great to pull off, but with new signature celebrations, there is plenty to celebrate.

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