Here we will explain what the best FOV settings for PUBG are and why you should use them. 

What is the best Field of View settings for PUBG?

In short, most people have their FOV settings as 90, but a lot of players consider 103 as the best setting. This is mostly due to a lot of pro players using it, along with a consensus of it being good for FPPs. 

The main argument is that it gives you a wide area of view that will help you spot enemies, and for the most part, this is the case. But, more often than not, FOV can become an issue in FPS mode. 

This is because if you play in 3rd person mode, changing the FOV to 103 can and will be the best setting as it will allow you to see more of the map. However, in FPS mode, a high and wider FOV will make enemies appear smaller on screen, thus making it harder to shoot them for average players. 

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Low FOVs have the opposite effect, and everything is a bit easier to see, but fast-moving objects or players will be difficult to see for long. So because of that, we highly recommend experimenting and seeing what works for you.

If you have fast reflexes, try setting the FOV to 103 and see how it works for you. But more often than not, 90 is efficient enough to see everything in FPS mode without making targets appear small and unhittable.

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