In 2004, Crytek, now known as the creators of the Crysis series, created an all-new title that shocked gamers everywhere. It was a sprawling open world, filled with many weapons, vehicles, and danger around every corner. This game was called Far Cry. After its critical success upon release, Ubisoft decided to hold onto the rights of the property.

Now, after many years and many more games, the Far Cry series has become one of the most popular FPS, open-world, adventure games ever to be released. And now, with the recent release of Far Cry 6, a ranking update to all the Far Cry games is in order.

10. Far Cry Instincts/Evolution/Vengeance

It seemed much more efficient for the games on the bottom of the ranking to group these titles since they all came out around the same time and are separate ports of the same game. Far Cry Instincts: Evolution was an Xbox port and was effectively a sequel to the original Instincts. Also, Far Cry: Vengeance was specifically a port for the Wii to use the Wii controller and its motion control capabilities in an FPS setting. It’s safe to say that these titles were very poorly received and didn’t add much to the overall world of Far Cry.

9. Far Cry: New Dawn

Image via Ubisoft

Following several years after the apocalyptic ending of Far Cry 5, Far Cry: New Dawn was a direct sequel of the fifth installment. Despite its brightly colored aesthetic and environmental changes, the game came off as basically a reskin of Far Cry 5. Also, the story felt flat, offering no solidly interesting characters or believable villains.

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8. Far Cry

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Despite this game’s success upon release, it takes the eighth spot on this list. But not because it’s a bad game (it is still rather fun, actually), but because it doesn’t really hold up anymore against the impressive improvements of later Far Cry titles. It comes off a bit dated now and can be difficult to pick up. However, it still offers a decent story and did start the series and reinvent open-world exploration, so it deserves some praise and slightly higher placement.

7. Far Cry Primal

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While Far Cry Primal was well-received upon release, it is overly ambitious gameplay that rarely paid off for a lot of gamers, which puts this game in a lower placement. While the decision to move Far Cry away from its staples like an assortment of weapons and vehicles was bold, it was ultimately not the most successful decision. It left players wanting a little more than just basic weapon options like bows and clubs and a less demanding need for materials and resources. Coming off the backs of Far Cry 3 and 4 made this game feel a little lackluster.

6. Far Cry 5

Image via Ubisoft

This was the first Far Cry title to bring the franchise back home to the U.S. Set in a fictitious world closely resembling Montana. You play as a rookie police officer caught in the middle of a turf war between the townspeople and an ever-encroaching religious cult run by a charismatic yet terrifying cult leader and his siblings. While the environment was expansive and beautiful, the story was a bit middle-of-the-road, so to speak, with the ending being a bit disappointing to most who played it.

5. Far Cry 6

Image via Ubisoft

Even though this game only just came out, it has quickly become one of the most enjoyable Far Crys to date. It may not be like previously successful Far Cry titles, but it took from Far Cry 5 and improved upon many of its issues. The Amigo system is fun, and it can provide you with a lot of great help in the field. Also, world traversal feels easier to call a vehicle to your position, making the large map feel not so daunting.

Even more, this is the first Far Cry where enemies won’t just outright attack you when you get close. If you keep your weapon holstered, they leave you alone. Add a fantastic yet terrifying villain like Anton Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito), and the game certainly stands on its own.

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4. Far Cry 4

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Coming off the success of Far Cry 3, the fourth installment had quite the shoes to fill. And fill, it most certainly did. Set in a fictitious mountainous region closely resembling that of Nepal or India, this game showcased the best of the best for Far Cry. The story was very well done by making the player constantly make choices, and it was the first to use the follow-the-road driving system, allowing players to focus entirely on fighting while on the move, and it has one of the best villains in the franchise. Pagan Min was as ruthless as he was interesting, played by the ever so talented voice actor, Troy Baker.

3. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

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Like the spin-offs of Far Cry: Instincts, Blood Dragon was a spin-off of the highly popular Far Cry 3 game. And just likes its predecessor, it also became one of the most popular Far Cry games. This weird and wacky game is based on retro sci-fi shooters, with most of its content parodying music, entertainment, and culture from the ’80s. It is violent and comedic simultaneously and remains a memorable part of the Far Cry franchise today.

2. Far Cry 3

Image via Ubisoft

What more can be said about this absolute fan favorite? Far Cry 3 remains the most successful title in the series and is the true jumping-off point for the rest of the franchise. It started the classic outpost and radio tower map clearing, the hunting and resource gathering for upgrades, and a much better stealth system. And who could forget Vaas? It was this psychopathic yet entertaining villain that started a long line of iconic Far Cry antagonists. The story is good, the gameplay is good, and the environment is good. So why is Far Cry 3 not number one on this list?

1. Far Cry 2

Image via Ubisoft

When it comes to Far Cry games, this one has a very mixed opinion. A lot of people love it, and a lot of people hate it. And for a good reason too. By far, this is the most difficult Far Cry game Ubisoft ever made. You are in a very empty, arid environment; just about everyone you meet wants to kill you. Your weapons degrade over time, and an environmental mechanic that was way ahead of its time, makes fire spread very quickly, usually destroying nearby resources and vehicles.

This can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere with just a map and a GPS device. This game can be tough, but it made players take a more gritty and realistic approach to combat and traversal. It made you think on your feet. It was challenging yet rewarding. And to this day, it is probably one of the most immersive Far Cry games. It definitely takes the top spot on this list for its unique take on FPS games.

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