Demon’s Souls has many potential weapons and spells to use. It can be hard to choose an effective and fun build to play. Faith Builds allow you to cast Miracles, not to be confused with magic. Here are the best Faith builds in Demon’s Souls.


The Paladin uses Miracles to heal and stay alive as long as possible in combat, so you won’t have to rely on Moon Grass. Heal and Regeneration will restore your HP. Cure will cure any ailment. Second Chance revives you upon death, but can only be cast once per area so choose wisely. Knight’s Shield is one of the best shields in the game and will allow you to block most damage. Istarelle is a Faith scaling weapon that is hard to obtain. Until you have this weapon, upgrading a standard weapon to Blessed (which adds Faith scaling) is the best option. 

  • Primary Stat: Faith, Endurance.
  • Secondary Stat: Vitality, Intelligence.
  • Weapons: Talisman of God, Istarelle or Blessed Weapon of your choice.
  • Shield: Knight’s Shield.
  • Armor: Any that allows you to med roll.
  • Ring: Ring of Sincere Prayer, Regenerator’s Ring.
  • Spells: Heal, Cure, Regeneration, Second Chance.

Moon Knight

The Moon Knight uses the Large Sword of Moonlight in combat. This weapon only scales with Faith and solely does Magic Damage. The Large Sword of Moonlight should be two-handed unless casting Miracles or Spells, with the Talisman of Beasts in your off-hand. The Talisman of Beasts is used for healing Miracles and the occasional damage Miracle such as God’s Wrath. However, this talisman is unique in that you can also cast Spells with it. This allows you to add more ranged damage, such as Soul Arrow and Flame Toss, to the build. You can also use Protection to reduce the amount of physical damage you take. 

  • Primary Stat: Faith, Endurance.
  • Secondary Stat: Vitality, Some Intelligence and Magic.
  • Weapons: Large Sword of Moonlight, Talisman of Beasts.
  • Shield: No Shield.
  • Armor: Any that allows you to med roll.
  • Ring: Ring of Sincere Prayer, Ring of Great Strength.
  • Spells: Heal, Cure, Regeneration, God’s Wrath, Protection, Soul Arrow, Flame Toss.

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