In a post apocalyptic setting, where the world is overridden with infected flesh craving zombies, it is only natural for humans to band together in groups for their survival. Dying Light 2 harps on this very formula to implement a unique feature in the game—Factions. These are individual clans within the old city of Villedor that players can choose to side with to gain game-changing rewards and skills.

The two Factions vying for power in The City are the Peacekeepers and the Survivors. Each Faction comes with their own set of unique rewards, and the one you choose as your ally will determine which ending you get. However, Factions play a minimal role in the overall story of the game, and which Faction you side with should be based on the rewards you prefer to receive. With that said, here are all the upgrades and rewards you get from each Faction.

The Peacekeepers

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Don’t be fooled by their name—the Peacekeepers are hardly known for being peaceful, when it comes to settling their agendas. Ruling their territories with an iron fist, this Faction is run by former military personnel, and they specialize in the use of powerful weapons to cleanse the land of the infected. With their help, you will be able to make quick work of hordes of undead with ease.

Peacekeepers Rewards

  • Car Traps – Explosive cars that are capable of luring and destroying enemies are placed throughout the city.
  • PK Razor Canon – The PKs set up deadly mounted turrets throughout the city.
  • Electrical Traps – These manually deployed traps generate an electric AOE effect that damages enemies and denies their progress.
  • Crossbow Pack – This useful semi-automatic crossbow comes with recipes for elemental bolts.
  • Molotov Lanterns – The PKs hang explosive lamps throughout the city that you can shoot down and drop on unsuspecting infected hordes.
  • Pendulum Traps – These giant traps are capable of taking out large groups of enemies quickly, and quietly.
  • UV Trap – The PKs install UV lamps on the streets, and on rooftops that make it significantly easier to destroy and delay pursuing infected.

The Survivors

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Unlike the Peacekeepers, who firmly believe in the mass culling of hordes, the Survivors tend to value peace more. They believe in avoiding combat unless necessary, and in creating a safe haven for fellow survivors where they can grow and collect resources, and maintain a healthy community. The rewards you get from them are mostly for quickly commuting between locations in the map. They also supply a stream of supplies which can benefit every player.

The Survivors Rewards

  • Ziplines: These randomly placed wires will allow you to zip between two points fairly quickly.
  • Airbags: This upgrade lets you bounce high in the air, and go from the streets to the rooftops faster than ever before.
  • Landing Bags: With this reward unlocked, the Survivors will install a series of cushioned bags throughout the city that will break your fall when used.
  • Survivor Revival: The Survivors will send an NPC to resurrect you if you fall in Survivor territory.
  • Air Vents: This reward greatly expands the number of available air vents throughout the city, which makes it easier to glide to your destination.
  • Upgraded Airbags: These upgraded airbags will launch you to far greater heights.
  • Two-Way Ziplines: This upgrade lets you travel both up and down ziplines.

Which are the best Faction Rewards in Dying Light 2?

As mentioned before, the Faction you choose to given facilities to over another is entirely up to the rewards you deem necessary, or the moral role-playing perspective you wish to pursue. Thankfully, in Dying Light 2, you are not stuck with any one Faction you choose. For example, you can still give facilities to the Survivors, even if you’ve given dominance to the Peacekeepers in your playthrough.

However, it is important to note that once you have assigned a facility to a Faction, they can’t be switched over. So, read through all their rewards and make an informed choice, before jumping to a decision. Here are three of the best rewards you can get from each of these Factions.

The Best Peacekeepers Rewards:

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  • Crossbow Pack – One of the best ranged weapons in the game, the crossbow is as deadly as it is silent. After handing over a total of four facilities to the PK, you will receive the crossbow. You will also receive blueprints to craft special types of bolts.
  • Molotov Lanterns – Apart from being a fun way to play, these molotov lanterns cause a lot of AOE damage to hordes, finishing them off or making them easy pickings for you.
  • Pendulum Traps – A huge pendulum trap that can make ground meat out of enemies without making any sound. Very fun, and extremely satisfying.

The Best Survivors Rewards:

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  • Ziplines: As you start giving facilities to the Survivors, you will start seeing ziplines pop up on more rooftops. These randomly placed wires will allow you to zip between two points fairly quickly, and is one of the best rewards to get early in the game.
  • Airbags: Perfect for avoiding sticky situations or escaping them, these devices will bounce you up high into the air and allow you to get to hard-to-reach places with ease.
  • Survivor Revival: You will die a lot in Dying Light 2. However, with this reward, every time you fall in a Survivor controlled area, the Faction will send an NPC to revive you. This can come very handy in harder difficulty modes.

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