The Dawning event is a welcome end-of-year celebration for fans of Destiny 2. One of the fan-favorite activities within The Dawning is baking all of those tasty cookies for the various NPC’s and gaining event rewards. However, baking those cookies comes at a pretty high price, requiring tons of Essence of Dawning material. Here is the Best Essence of Dawning farm for The Dawning in Destiny 2.

The absolute best way to farm Essence of Dawning is by completing Wrathborn Hunts. Each Wrathborn hunt that is completed will award the player with ten Essence of Dawning. However, we recommend taking advantage of an exploit with the Wrathborn Hunts that makes farming Essence of Dawning easy.

This method begins by equipping your Lure with Prey Mod: Xillox, then heading to the dreaming city to start the hunt. Once you kill the Ogre at the start of the hunt, reset your Lure before tracking down Xillox the Wizard. This will refund your slotted mods and allow you to continue forward to fight Xillox. Once you finish the hunt, you will get ten Essence of Dawning. Then all you have to do is reslot your Lure with the Prey Mod: Xillox, and you can do it all over again.

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If this exploit gets patched, or for those Free-to-Play players that cannot take part in Hunts, the best way to get Essence of Dawning is by completing weekly bounties from Eva Levante, as well as participating in Gambit or Expunge Missions. Gambit and Expunge Missions are fairly quick activities and can net you a lot of Essence of Dawning in a short period of time.

So there you have it, that is the best Essence of Dawning farm for The Dawning in Destiny 2. Players wanting to get as much Essence of Dawning as possible will want to make sure to take advantage of the Wrathborn Hunt method, as it is the best and quickest way to get loads of Essence of Dawning.

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