Duelists have an interesting synergy in Teamfight Tactics. Although this isn’t that great of a synergy to kick off any match with, it can prove to be a trump card if you manage to use it at the right time. That said, here’s a quick rundown of everything that this synergy has to offer, followed by the builds that you can choose.

Teamfight Tactics Duelist synergy

Duelists move faster and their attacks grant Attack Speed up to 8 stacks. With eight duelists on the board, you can get a 60% boost to your attack speed. Heroes that fall under this synergy are Fiora,
, Kalista, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, and Yasuo.

Best Teamfight Tactics Duelist builds

Here are a list of recommended items for each Duelist in Teamfight Tactics. You can mix and match whichever hero combination you want in order to activate the Duelist synergy.


  • This hero is slightly low on Mana reserves, so the recommended items focus on adding some mana to Fiora’s reserves. Moreover, since she’s a duelist, a buff to the attack damage and the DPS that Fiora dishes out is always beneficial.
    • Spear of Shojin (+15 Attack Damage, +20 Mana)
    • Hand of Justice (+20% DPS, +15 Mana)
    • Zeke’s Herald (+15 Attack Damage, +200 Health)


  • With this Jax build, you get an additional boost in the armor department. Basically, Jax is a duelist who also doubles up as a tank.
    • Bramble Vest (+50 Armor)
    • Zeke’s Herald (+15 Attack Damage, +200 Health)
    • Sunfire Cape (+25 Armor, +200 Health)


  • Although Kalista can dish out a lot of damage, it’s wise to build items that grant this character an additional attack speed. Dishing out high damage is good, but dishing out high damage with high attack speed is even better.
    • Rapid Firecannon (+30% Attack Speed)
    • Runaan’s Hurricane (+15% Attack Speed, +25 Magic Resist)
    • Rabadon’s Deathcap (+40 Spell Damage)

Lee Sin

  • This build for Lee Sin is more of a balanced build. It gives a buff to attack damage, armor, mana and attack speed.
    • Guardian Angel (+15 Attack Damage, +25 Armor)
    • Blue Buff (+40 Mana)
    • Rapid Firecannon (+30% Attack Speed)

Xin Zhao

  • Since Xin Zhao is susceptible to magic damage, adding a buff to his magic resist stats goes the distance. This build not only gives Xin Zhao magic resist, but it also gives him more armor, making him a formidable duelist.
    • Bramble Vest (+50 Armor)
    • Gargoyle Stoneplate (+25 Armor, +25 Magic Resist)
    • Dragon’s Claw (+50 Magic Resist)


  • Just like Lee Sin’s build, this is also a very balanced build, covering up almost all the quirks that Yasuo has.
    • Hand of Justice (+20% DPS, +15 Mana)
    • Quicksilver (+25 Magic Resist, +20% DPS)
    • Guardian Angel (+15 Attack, +25 Armor)

And that’s our best Duelist build guide on Teamfight Tactics. For more, check out Best Class Synergies in Teamfight Tactics and more on GameTips.PRO.

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