The new Call of Duty: Warzone map, Caldera, is a tropical island situated in the Pacific. The island has numerous points of interest (POIs) covering the entirety of the terrain. Although the POIs are diverse, some locations are just better overall.

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In this guide, we’ve listed the hottest, busiest, loot abundant areas on Caldera. The best drop locations on the Warzone Pacific map have been marked in the image below.

warzone pacific caldera map best drop locations
Image via Activision

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  • Peak
    • Region – Central
    • Features – Volcanic Peak is the highest point on the map. It is situated in the heart of Caldera and provides access to every part of the island. Land here and fly off to literally any POI.
  • Airfield
    • Region – Southwestern
    • Features – Caldera Terminal and the surrounding area consist of hangars, runway, control tower, and other structures. The location stretches over a large portion of the map and has the most activity throughout the match.
  • Capital
    • Region – Southern
    • Features – Caldera Capital City has several architectural structures as well as an active tramway system. The buildings are detailed and hold enormous amounts of loot.
  • Mines
    • Region – Central
    • Features – Phosphate Mines is located to west of the Peak. It covers a large rocky terrain and is occupied by several factory buildings. The rocks may be hard to climb, but the Mines is definitely a hot drop in Caldera.
  • Docks
    • Region – Northern
    • Features – Industrial Docks is a great place to land when the flight path and circle is towards the north of the map. The container yard in the Docks may remind you of the popular Call of Duty map, Shipment.

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