Back 4 Blood is the latest cooperative shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, and while it has much in common with its predecessor, Left 4 Dead, it’s got its fair share of new mechanics, like the card system. Finding the right cards for each of the game’s Cleaners is essential for making the most of their abilities. Here, we’ll teach you how to build around Doc, the game’s healer.

Each Deck in the game can hold 15 Cards, so you’ll need to grab the ones that prioritize healing yourself and your allies for maximum Sufi ability as Doc.

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We’ve listed our Doc loadout below:

Card NamePositive EffectsNegative Effects
Antibiotic Ointment+20% Healing EfficiencyNone
Combat Medic+50% Use Speed. Heals teammates for an additional 20 Health when you revive themNone
PoulticeWhen you use a Medical Accessory, the target heals for an additional 20 Health over 30 secondsNone
Smelling Salts+100% Revive SpeedNone
Group TherapyWhen you use a Medical Accessory, all teammates heal for 5 HealthNone
Charitable SoulHealing a teammate also applies 50% of the effect to youNone
Life Insurance+2 Extra LifeLose 50 Copper at the start of each level
Inspiring SacrificeWhen you or a teammate becomes incapacitated, all teammates heal for 25 health over 20 secondsNone
Medical Expert+15% Healing Efficiency when you use a Medical Accessory, you gain 15% Move Speed for 15 secondsNone
Pep Talk+150% Revive Speed-5% Damage Resistance
Shoulder Bag+2 Support Inventory-10% Damage Dealt
Rousing Speech+225% Revive Speed, +20% Reduced Incap Trauma for entire TeamDisables Offensive Accessories
Medical ProfessionalFirst Aids and Defibrillators also recover 15 Trauma Damage and 1 Extra LifeNone
EMT Bag+40% Healing Efficiency-20% Stamina Efficiency
Experienced EMTWhen you use a Medical Accessory, the target gains +20% Maximum Health until the end of the levelNone

Feel free to play around with the Deck’s order to see what Cards work better for you at what times.

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