Divine Inspirations are unlocks you get through Devotion. Some are decorations, but many have benefits like generating resources, farming, hiding dead bodies, and more. Here are some of the best unlocks you can get in the game.

All Divine Inspiration unlocks in Cult of the Lamb

Tier OneTemple, Sleeping Bags, Body Pit, Farm Plot, Farming Bundle
Tier TwoCult II, Shelter, Basic Decorations, Offering Statue, Tabernacle, Prison, Lumber Yard, Stone Mine, Missionary, Demonic Summoning Circle, Scarecrow
Tier ThreeRefinery, Outhouse, Healing Bay, Janitor Station, Shrine Flame Bundle, Cheaper Rituals, Confession Booth, Propaganda Speakers, Missionary II, Demonic Summoning Circle II, Fertilizer Silo, Harvest Totem
Tier FourCult III, Grand Shelter, Shrine Flame II, Tabernacle II, Ritual Cool Downs, Refinery II, Bone Decorations, Farmer Station II, Compost, Trap Scarecrow
Tier FiveCult IV, Outhouse II, Healing Bay II, Shrine Flame III, Tabernacle III, Lumberyard II, Stone Mine II, Missionary III, Demonic Summoning Circle III, Devotion Harvest Totem
Divine Inspiration Unlocks

Best unlocks

Sleeping Bags

  • Sleeping Bags are essential for not only maintaining your follower’s loyalty but also because they are the main prerequisite for a large amount of other Divine Inspiration unlocks. If you want to create a Shelter, Healing Bay, or Prison, you must first have Sleeping Bags. Sleeping Bags also guarantee that your followers have a place to rest when they inevitably get sick.

Farm Plot

  • Foraging is a good way to get food but it won’t be enough as your followers grow in number. Building Farm Plots guarantees that you can constantly have seeds growing which is helpful for both farming and completing quests, like Sozo’s Menticide Mushroom adventure.


  • The Refinery is another unlock-able item that will come in handy as you enter into the later stages of the game. Some items need more advanced construction materials like wooden planks or stone bricks that can only be crafted by using the Refinery.


  • While not essential to the survival of your followers, it’s worthwhile to unlock the Outhouse as soon as you can. You’ll still be able to harvest the fertilizer from the Outhouse, but your followers will no longer have negative buffs when they encounter poop as they move about their day.


  • The Scarecrow is a great unlock not just because it protects your seeds, but because it can be upgraded into the Trap Scarecrow, which captures the birds that would otherwise steal your seeds. You can then use the birds for meat which, when partnered with your crops, gives you double the food resources.

Demonic Summoning Circle

  • As you continue through the crusades, the levels get harder. This is where a Demonic Summoning Circle comes in handy. By using a summoning circle you can possess a follower (or two, if you’ve upgraded the circle) with the spirit of a demon. This follower will then accompany you on the crusades and help you take out enemies.

How to unlock Divine Inspirations in Cult of the Lamb

You unlock Divine Inspiration by gathering Devotion from your Shrine. On the top of your screen there is a progress bar that fills with Devotion. Once it’s filled all the way to the top, you will unlock a point of Divine Inspiration. You will then be prompted to choose which item you would like to unlock.

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