The Dancer is one of four starting classes in Steelrising and focuses on Agility and Immobilisation. Increasing their vigor to attack and dodge more often pairs well with every class, but really shines with the Dancer. There are many weapons that scale with Agility but the best options are those that can Immobilise enemies quickly. This is the best Dancer Build for early, mid, and late game in Steelrising.

Making the best Dancer Build in Steelrising

The Dancer in Steelrising is one of the four starting classes in the game. Making a good build depends on whether the player wants to rely on pure damage, Immobilisation, or pairing up their damage with Alchemy. There are three main weapon types that scale with Agility and have their movesets shared among many other weapons in the game. Critical Hits are dealt against all enemies that are Immobilised, making Vigour extremely important for this playstyle.

  • Fans – Slow, build up lots of Immobilisation, and don’t use much Endurance.
  • Claws – Fast, build up a medium amount of Immobilisation, and use more Endurance than fans.
  • Dual Swords – Faster than fans, builds up little Immobilisation, and uses the most Endurance.

Certain weapons are better suited for specific playstyles than others but there are enough weapons to cover anything that players may want to do.

Best Early Game Dancer Build in Steelrising

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At the beginning of the game, players will have their Armoured Fans, a weapon with the ability to Shield players from damage. Players will get their hands on a Claw weapon fairly early in the game and a Dual Swords weapon a little after. Using any of these three weapons can be used but knowing their strengths is important in determining how to play with them. The Nemesis Claws have the fastest Immunisation build up of the three weapons and have a parry attached to them. The Falchion and Sabre have a unique spin attached to them that does damage but consumes a lot of Endurance. The most optimal build would be:

  • Weapon
    • Nemesis Claws – For Immunisation build up.
    • Falchion and Sabre – For damage.
    • Armoured Fans – For playing defensively.
  • Armor
    • Any – Armor should be used purely for its defenses or its ability to raise Endurance.
  • Modules
    • Grade I Immobilisation Module – Increases Immobilization damage dealt by weapons.
    • Grade I Longevity Module – Increases Health.

Players will want to increase their Agility as soon as they can for damage and their ability to stun with Immobilisation. Durability is important as well, but if players are playing defensively with the Shield or Counterattack skills, then they can focus on Vigour instead.

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Best Mid Game Dancer Build in Steelrising

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After players get their hands on better upgrade materials, better weapons, and more modules, builds can start becoming more refined. The use of Flame, Frost, and Fulmination becomes easier as many other weapons can be found whose damage is scaled with both Agility and Alchemy. Frost is preferred but players may like the damage that comes from Fulmination and Flame. During the time an enemy is frozen, they can still have their Immobilisation built up, making the two synergize well to constantly keep enemies unable to act.

  • Weapon
    • Franklin Claws – Deals Fulmination damage when using the Invocation of Lightning, increasing its Immobilisation damage with the buff as well.
    • Charleville 1789 Shield Musket – The best side weapon to use to build up Frost against enemies. Even unupgraded, this weapon is extremely useful in keeping enemies at bay.
    • Frosted Fans/Nemesis Fans – While these weapons scale well with Agility, they are very slow and are only suited for players who don’t want to use the Musket or want to have a slower playstyle.
    • Thousand Cut Claws – The best weapons for mid to late game if players can use the Blade Storm skill correctly. What it lacks in damage, it makes up for in Immobilisation damage and a fast moveset.
  • Armor
    • Citizen Set – The Citizen Set will increase the player’s Endurance stat and has decent enough armor to keep them protected. Endurance is more important than how much damage resistance the set gives as players should be dodging more than anything.
  • Modules
    • Grade II Immobilisation Module – Increases the rate at which Immobilisation builds up.
    • Grade II Swiftness Module – This makes it so dodge and sprint attacks will build up extra Immobilisation damage.
    • Grade II Stun Module – This module is only needed when fighting additional enemies. Single target enemies will always stay stunned long enough to recover Endurance so it is useless unless players want to stun groups of enemies to focus on one at a time.
    • Longevity/Long Infusion/Frost Catalyst – The last Module equipped depends greatly on what weapon the player is using, as well as whether they feel as though they need the extra health. Long Infusion is best used for the Franklin Claws and Frost Catalyst for any Frost weapon.

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If players keep their previous weapons from before, the Nemesis Claws are the best of the three for this Immobilisation playstyle. Both these and the Thousand Cut Claws are weapons that can comfortably take players to the end of the game with hardly any issue.

Best End Game Dancer Build in Steelrising

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There aren’t many changes for the build once players reach the end of the game. The new items are few and far between, however, what is found isn’t too useful for an Agility focused build. These are the new items players can consider when reaching the end game.

  • Weapons
    • Foil and Dagger – This weapon has its uses and even does more damage than the Nemesis Claws on paper, however, it has a much slower moveset. For a Power and Agility hybrid, this weapon becomes much better if players can Counterattack effectively.
  • Armor
    • Secret de Roi – This set has the highest Endurance gain of any other set, instantly making it a must for a Dancer build.
  • Modules
    • Grade II Respite Module – Causes the player’s Endurance to be fully restored anytime an enemy is Immobilised. This can keep players attacking without having to rest to regain their Endurance and pairs well with the Stun Module to attack multiple enemies at once.
    • Grade III Destruction Module – Increases Physical Damage significantly. This can be applied to any build with any weapon.

Ideally, players will have found the weapon they enjoy the most by this point in the game. The Petrification Grenades will build Immobilisation up as well, making them a valuable resource for players that can’t get a hit in. Switching things up and playing around with weapons is easy in the game as all the resources can be bought without any issue.

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