Anyone who’s anyone knows that when it comes to any game that features swappable armor, weapons, and other accessories that the true end game is the fashion game. New World is no different, with its plethora of non-performance-impacting cosmetics available in the store. While there are many to choose from, we picked our personal favorites from each category.

Best New World Cosmetics by Category


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The Righteous Guardian set retails for 16,000 Marks of Fortune and allows players to take on the appearance of a heavenly warrior. This was the toughest category to choose from, but this set simply looked the most complete and synergistic as a whole. It certainly makes questing through the New World all the more enjoyable thanks to its imposing and stylish appearance.


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Having some great weapon skins to cover the sometimes horrendous appearance of the leveling weapons is just as important as finding a great armor skin. The Runic Weapon Skin Bundle invokes the Norse spirit with skins for several of the major weapon types like swords, axes, warhammers, and shields.

Housing Items

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Nothing makes a house into a home like having a friendly face to come home to. While each of the pets is a winner in our eyes, the Puppergeist stands out above the rest. Clearly, this little pooch has seen better days, but that hasn’t dimmed its love for you.

Tool Skins

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Harvesting, crafting, and gathering are a huge part of New World. Much like having a sick weapon skin, having slick tool skins makes crafting and gathering that much more enjoyable. It’s quite nearly a scientific fact. The Legendary Azoth skins feature intricate woven designs with a beautiful celestial blue.

Camp Skins

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Winter Opulence turns the rustic but efficient camp into something more akin to a home. With its beautiful purple accents and tiered blue roofing, it certainly makes for a comfortable place to kick up one’s feet at the end of a long day of questing.

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